Monday, November 21, 2016

New Rancid Abomination CD Finally Recorded... Release Date December 1!

I finally finished up work on the new rancid abomination cd "the exploding death of Christmas" (a humorous black metal anti-Christmas cd!). It came out really good minus one little thing that could not be avoided at all. But besides that one little thing (vocal quality) the cd came out great. Think it's one of the better ones the band ever did and is far better than the badly done previous cd "into Hells anus".
Music was written quite early for this one, a week ago. I worked my ass off to write good music and it showed. The new cd is very good in the melody department, and has excellent lead guitars. The keyboards are mixed bad but everything else is quite good.. The drums sound good, the guitars sound ok, and the vocals are mostly good.. A few songs had bad vocal performances. Especially the last track. Some songs had much better vocals than others, some don't sound a lot like black metal, but others are very good.. Tracks like "yuletide anusfart" and "pissing on the Christmas tree" got recorded first so they got good vocals. But others like "slaughtered santa sausage" and "the putrid abomination" don't have as good vocals but still are good.
2 Oldschool 2003 rancid abomination remakes were done on the cd too. Both were done well but the vocals on the second came out horrible. And it sucks because the second remake "addicted to evil" was one of my favorite rancid abomination songs ever. Good thing "the terrible sound of the demonic hordes" came out great.
I had to battle serious issues during the vocal session. Number 1, it was windy out where I live yesterday. Normally that isn't a problem, but severe winds (40+ mph wind gusts) can and have made my computer restart suddenly, due to  the wind blowing around a tree that has our power line bend over it, making the power cut out for a second, restarting my pc. I actually had to stop the recording several times and save the audacity project file (after every verse) to make sure I never lost anything. Luckily the worst case scenario (the power being cut out or going out completely) never happened. I got lucky. The cd is done mostly because of this. It could have been far worse, people!
Here are some songs from the new cd on soundcloud. I uploaded them the night I got it done.
And here is the newly released music video for the first remake "The Terrible sound of the demonic hordes 2016". I love this remake... The video is cool too. It is a creepy one. Watch out.
More info on the release when it comes. There will be an update when it gets released on noisetrade.