Thursday, December 1, 2016

(C)RapGate : How (C)Rap Fans/Producers totally fucked up my Black Metal bands Twitter presence.

I am part of a 2 man Black Metal band from Boston (Rancid Abomination). We play extremely thrashy black metal and are as underground as you can get. So when I re-discovered some of Rancid Abomination's Music, I immediately wanted to put it online. I made a twitter site for it. Seemed fine at first, but.... Well something horrible happened to it over the last few days on twitter.

We had marketed it on twitter using the hashtags #unsignedartist and #newmusic. We thought it would be a good idea. Because it was really a one man band and #unsignedartist made sense, right? What I didn't know is tons of (c)rappers spewing their shitty fake music form called (c)rap use the same fucking hashtag. And before I knew it, stupid braindead gangsta thugs from 
@HipHopParallel_ labelled US, a Black Metal Band as Rap and put us on a hip hop list, without even CHECKING FIRST SO SEE WE AREN'T FUCKING RAP/HIPHOP.

So I blocked the fuckers. And they took me off the list. Didn't help. Soon I was inundated with STUPID (C)RAP PROMOTERS DAILY. Promoters like the ones listed below..  I didn't want any promoters, period, because I promote our music myself. I don't need promoters, especially fucking rap ones. Rap ones promoting a black metal band sounds absurd right? Sounds stupid. What fucking stupid (c)rap fan would like something as evil and extreme as black metal? No one. So why were these fucking stupid losers harassing us? They were too stupid to read the obvious thing that said we were BLACK FUCKING METAL and Not rap, and instead looked at the retarded list that listed us as rap.

But that's not the worst part. No... That is bearable. I could actually handle them. So I trolled them and their stupid fanbase saying how their "music" form was crap. I posted some funny tweets such as the ones below (paraphrased).

"We're about 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 Times better than the music (C)Rap fans listen to" (and we are, Ra's music is sick!)

"BLACK FUCKING METAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (C)RAP"

"Stupid (C)Rap Promoters thinking we're (C)Rap is the stupidest, yet funniest thing ever"

"We're the Kind of music (C)Rap Fans think is complete noise, get that straight MPG | Faggotry/
Promote Shit!"

and last but not least...

"Why are (C)Rap Fans Ignoring the Obvious?, it says right here we aren't rap!"

But that trolling shit just got them to like it like the idiots they are. And before you know it I had (C)Rap fans liking our posts on recording a new album, ALL ASSUMING IT WAS RAP without reading the OBVIOUS profile photo that says we aren't fucking rap. One even pissed me off when I said I wasn't gonna release the new songs on soundcloud due to how bad it's been doing there...And they liked that to taunt me... Fuck them.

So I then renamed the account. By  this point I had stopped using the #unsignedartist hashtag and changed to #unsignedmetal. Didn't help. They didn't go away. I then got rid of the #newmusic hashtag to try to stop them. But apparently these (C)Raptards were reading #unsignedmetal and #blackmetal (which I was using) and still liked this shit thinking it was rap.  Renaming the account did absolutely nothing. I had changed it from @RancidAbomBand to @OfficialRABand. Didn't do shit.

So I wake up this morning to find yet ANOTHER DUMB (C)RAP promoter following us like we're a fucking (C)Rap group! (@King_Promo_LLC) Fuck off! So What I did was shut down the twitter account. See.. That's how (C)Rap fans ruin metal bands online presence...

It's stupid because RA has been doing shitty. They even made it worse with their fucking retarded (c)rap stupidity.  RA has never been popular NEVER. Even online almost no one knew about RA. So by doing this, they have pretty much made sure it will NEVER be popular outside of sites it's on where it is doing well.. (which are few and far between).. With a non-fux0red twitter account I could at least get it out there better.... But I can't due to these stupid (C)Raptards... THEY ruined it.

Several times during the thing I made it OBVIOUS we were metal. To everyone looking at us. Our twitter description clearly read BLACK METAL BAND FROM BOSTON. None of them looked at that. So I changed the profile photo to at least say "NOT RAP!". None of them cared. To them they simply couldn't read.  They all assumed we were rap and pestered us. The promo guys were the worst at that. They followed us and didn't even bother to check what kind of music we were first, which is STUPID for promo guys. What are these guys, ghetto thugs? They sound like complete idiots.

THIS is the band they ruined:

Ok... If you are a metalhead and hate this kind of shit... I suggest you fucking give these POS losers a peice of your mind. I don't mind you trolling them. I think they deserve that, for fucking up OUR twitter... This band is alive by the skin of it's teeth now and has less than 300 plays on soundcloud, less than 10 downloads on noisetrade and frankly, they could have really ruined it bad if it weren't for the fact I have been seeing RA stuff every day in the charts there... They could have killed the band dead. They made it impossible for me to get a quality following on twitter because 90% of the likes came from rap fanbase for fucking metal songs. If it weren't for me using those hashtags and these idiots I would still be active on twitter...

Stupid Rap promoters that have been bugging us:

Stupid Rap Fans that have been bugging us:
@MixMastaKing(who seems to be the same person as the above using a second account to avoid my blocking of him - they have the same damn profile photo)

Note if you want to follow RA online, and get albums go to and search for us there....