Saturday, April 8, 2017

365 radio network and how they REFUSE to support GOOD METAL!

3 Years ago I submitted Unleashing Vengeance to 365 radio network.. They claim to support indie music, so I gave it a shot. Back then Unleashing Vengeance was on lots of crappy sites, soundcloud plays were dropping (this was before I learned about noisetrade and Jamendo) and UV was as underground as you can get. I hoped 365 radio network would listen and play our stuff. Well 5 days after I submitted UV to them, I got no response back. They didn't care.

They over-advertise the fact that they support indie metal. Well, they don't. Because they left Unleashing Vengeance off their rotation. It was stupid.  Ok... So Maybe Unleashing Vengeance isn't the best metal band ever, but it was good, right? Well... They seem to not want to submit any other of my bands either.

Recently, I was in the same situation with Dismembered September and Rancid Abomination, BOTH were failing, Miserably on soundcloud. Only 1 was doing good on Noisetrade.  So I submitted Rancid Abomination and Dismembered September to 365 radio network hoping it would help. So it's been 3 days so far since my submission.... Guess what. They haven't gotten back to me! This is infuriating.

Not that it matters much now since both bands are kicking ass on Jamendo but... They are both amazing bands... Both classics in the #newenglandstyle black metal movement from Massachusetts. Both are a very unique strain of black metal that is only found here among my bands. No one else is doing this style but me and my friends. We deserve to be showcased but no...

What's really infuriating is that, even though Dismembered September is not as good of a band, both bands are outstanding. Dismembered September used to be blackened thrash with the #newenglandstyle melodies over the thrashy riffs. But that is nothing compared to Rancid Abomination, which is maybe the most underrated black metal band out there. Rancid Abomination INVENTED #newenglandstyle melodies (where a note becomes a harmony and another note is played later and forms a harmony after that - all the lead guitars use this style).  There were no other bands before RA doing this style. I've listened to TONS of black metal and haven't heard it once. The closest you get is Cor Scorpii from Norway, but they aren't doing the same exact thing so they really aren't #newenglandstyle at all... So 365radionetwork says they will support indie metal but Ditched Rancid Abomination?! WTF!

Advice to metalheads. NEVER submit your music to internet radio. Go to and upload it there instead. You will get way more exposure with that site than you will with crappy internet radio that refuses to play Rancid Abomination like 365radionetwork!

Friday, April 7, 2017

(C)Rapgate II: How Atom Collector Records Almost ruined my bands presence online

By now you are very familiar with (C)Rapgate.  But if you aren't you will see what I am talking about now... In december 2016 I was marketing my black metal band, Rancid Abomination, during it's reunion after 10 years of inactivity. I used the hashtag #unsignedartist because it was a solo artist. What happened, is some stupid rap fans all assumed RA was Rap! So they put it on a Rap List on twitter. I got tons of rap fans/promoters/DJ's/other stupid idiots liking all my tweets assuming RA (The most Black Metal of any black Metal Band!) Was Rap... This lead me to shut down my twitter for a while and only 1 month later did I recover from this and make another twitter page, but that one now only has 35 followers when the old one had 75 or so. See how idiot rap fans ruin a metal bands career?

Well that is really important to realize because they tried to do it AGAIN, this time to my current Black Metal Project Dismembered September, which was getting pitifully low plays on soundcloud. So I, in Desperation tried something advertised to me on soundcloud, Atom Collector Records. The premise was interesting but it failed miserably.

The premise is that you sign your band up to a site and get 10 "credits". You use them to place your song on rotation on a rotation for a specific genre. For me it was "Rock, Blues, Metal, Indie and Punk" because I was doing Black Metal.  I will get into why these genre BS is bad, but what is really bad is every time your song gets played you lose a credit and once you run out your song gets DISABLED, aka it cannot get more plays, whatosever.

So I tried it.

I got 1-2 plays per song. Great. This free "promotion" sucked ass. So I decided maybe I was doing it wrong. I learned that there was another way to use it. All I had to do was post their playlists. So I did that, I actually Posted playlists filled with 99% Junk music to get my bands noticed. Well it worked kind of. They reposted my music on their soundcloud page but guess what, It lead to A) NO Likes from any metalheads, B) Very few Plays and C) Stupid (C)Rappers liking it thinking it was Dumbass Afro (African American Fronted) Metal (Think Sevendust and shit like that) because I called it Black Metal. Either way it was crapgate all over again. It forced me to delete 4 soundcloud accounts filled with hundereds of followers, 100+ songs in total and worse, in fear of stupid Rappers liking my music more than they were doing so on soundcloud already.

So basically, DONT use Atom Collector Records if you are doing Metal on Soundcloud! you will NOT get exposure. All you will get is a bunch of (C)Raptards liking it. Because that's what was all over Atom Collector Record's Website, Rap, and other kinds of SHIT music like Trap, Electrotrap, Dubstep and worse. Those bands and artists were getting 1000's of plays, meanwhile bands like mine that were doing:

A) Unique melodic black metal with Folk Metal and power metal elements
B) Experimental Thrash with various kinds of  Folk Melodies and industrial elements
C) Blackened Death Metal with Prog, Doom and the Same folk melodies.
D) Blackened Power metal with no vocals...

Were getting PITIFUL plays (1 to 2 per hour) is what I got for doing that.
Meanwhile, On I have gotten at least 60 plays per day and for the first band
I have gotten 263 plays per day! That is at least 10 times as much as before....

So in other Words...

DONT use Atom Collector Records. THEY SUCK!

All of my bands Ditch Soundcloud and are now on #Jamendo

Well due to an utter unpleasant experience on Soundcloud with Atom Collector Records, my bands are now not on soundcloud anymore. I will write about this unpleasantry later on tonight. But for now here are some updates for my bands....

I spent several hours today and yesterday in a frantic rush trying to find the perfect host for my bands now that soundcloud was crapping out on me. I tried A) Myspace music. Could upload tracks there but could not get them to play at all. So I ditched that. I then looked for bandcamp and soundclound alternatives. Tried a bunch. They all fucked up bad. A few were mindless Soundcloud ripoffs with tons of rap/pop/dance/dubstep fags on them. No good for that. I didn't want THAT kind of fanbase for extreme metal, which is 1000000000 times better than that shit anyway! So I decided to rely on two sites that unleashing vengeance did fairly well on when I was trying sites for it in 2014. They were A), and B)  I uploaded all 5 bands to and made a station there. Got some views but no one put my bands on their stations, so it was a complete failure. But fear not, because the next site I tried, worked like a Charm.

I spent most of last night and this morning uploading songs to It was quite annoying how un-user friendly the upload process was, I had to A) Upload .WAV files! (NOT mp3), B) Resize the band's cover image from 512X512 to 600X600 and C) Fill in tons of useless crap like what instruments are in each song!, license info and more. But in the end it payed off.

And did it!

The inconvenience of uploading means you probably will only see 1 track per week per band done now... But the results, boy do they speak for themselves. On soundcloud Rise of the Serpent got 5 plays. Here it got 25! On soundcloud the Rancid Abomination Song Harbinger of fate got 5 plays. On Jamendo it got 46 plays in one day! It didn't even get plays for weeks on soundcloud!  Jamendo is literally shitting all over soundcloud. It's so much better. After YEARS of work I finally found a host that is worth uploading to! No more spam on my mentions saying I should buy free followers, no more rap and dance fans liking my shit, no more "21" (soundcloud rap guide spamming tool/troll) trolling me by spamming likes on 1 song forever, none of that shit. Just tons of plays and no Bullshit!

Below are the band profiles for all 5 of my bands. Dismembered September and Homicidal Hammerfist are the currently active ones. The other 3 are broken up currently but may come back in the future. Here are the total plays per band in less than a day here..

Rancid Abomination:
Dismembered September:
Homicidal Hammerfist:
Caustic Euphony:
Unleashing Vengeance:

And here are links to  the profile, with links on each profile to our facebook and twitter pages, plus a bio for each band that goes into detail on their style!

Rancid Abomination:
Dismembered September:
Unleashing Vengeance:
Homicidal Hammerfist:
Caustic Euphony:

Monday, April 3, 2017

New Dismembered September changes everything for the band...

Major band changes are something that has happened a lot lately...  In January, my old band homicidal hammerfist changed from black metal influenced power metal to black metal. Now the same thing is happening to my other band Dismembered September.  The change was prompted by two things..

A) All of the band members left but me.

B) More Importantly the new cd has to be done differently for it to work.

You see the new Dismembered September (rise of the serpent) takes  the thrashiness of old Dismembered September and replaces it with Mideival Black Metal instead. A HUGE change.  Now the band is an Atmospheric Black Metal Band...  I did this because the new album is a concept album about the story to 3 awesome mideival FPS games, Heretic, Hexen and Hexen 2. I wanted to add mideival elements into the sound, so I decided to make it an atmospheric black metal band before recording the new cd.

Atmospheric black metal is a kind of black metal that is characterized by slow long epic songs and a dream-like sound.  It's a really underrated, yet popular kind of black metal now. Atmospheric black metal bands include Summoning (the genre founder), Caladan Brood, and Obsidian Tongue (a really underrated band from my state).  I decided to bring my band dismembered september down this route once we broke up because our new album will need the mideival instruments (trumpet mostly) and percussion some atmospheric black metal bands use such as Kettle Drums, and others. I wanted to make a mideival black metal album to fit the theme of the games I was writing about. And I just did. It's nothing like older dismembered september (which was all blackened thrash), but it's good in it's own way...

The new cd came out good. It's split into 4 songs with vocals and 4 without. 3 out of 4 without vocals are short little interludes.  The other is a long instrumental for a final track. The 4 other tracks, the ones with vocals are all long songs at least 7 mintues and 3 out of 4 of those are 8+ minutes long.. You get a very long epic feel with this album.

The influence of Summoning on this cd cannot be overstated. I've been listening to summoning for 6 months now and it's been incredible to listen to their style. I wanted to make a project that fused summoning's percussion and Trumpet playing style with Rancid Abomination melodies, keyboards and riffage. What you get when you do that is make very epic yet dark mideival black metal, perfect for a concept album on heretic/hexen games...

I really like the way the cd came out. It's dark and brooding. Something summoning does rarely to me. It's also very mideival sounding. Most of the  tracks came out great. 2 of the tracks with vocals came out mixed a little off but it's not unbearable... I had to fix these 2 tracks and  that's a bummer but still I love the way this cd came out...

Here is a link to the new album... Forgot to add it till now, sorry!