Saturday, December 31, 2016

Complete shitty troll reviewer tries to Ruin Valfar's Legacy with shitty ass Windir Reviews posted to all major Review Sites.

Words cannot describe how Pissed off I am now...  There is a troll who is trying to trash one of my favorite bands ever, Windir.  Windir was a black/folk metal band from Norway that broke up when their founder died in 2004. They were by far the best black/folk metal band I have ever heard, and completely destroyed all I have heard from that genre... Only Bathory is better..

Most folk metal bands use intentionally stupid sounding happy folk melodies on folk instruments over average to bad guitars without adding atmosphere to it at all.  When I first discovered Windir I was listening to a lot of Wintersun and Ensiferum.  The happiness of such bands was something that was getting to me. I wanted to hear new folk metal bands. A website got me into Windir and Mithotyn. Over a period of 6 months I had gotten into 21 new Folk Metal bands and 2 new black metal bands. Windir was the best of all of these and no other band came even close to them.

Windir did things differently.... Instead of using happy folk melodies gotten from folk music, Windir tried using dark sinister sounding Norwegian hymn melodies and played them on guitar and accordion, the instrument they were originally played on. This created dark sounding melodies, something I value a lot. Happy melodies piss me off. On top of that haunting keyboards were used throughout the songs to add dark atmosphere to them, something no other folk metal band even attempted...

A few months later I discovered This idiot who was posting shitty ass Windir Reviews like the below review of Windir's best cd.. "arntor"...

This fucking idiot has spammed the following shitty reviews of Windir albums over the following sites... (cthonicism), (hyperbore), (Rusted Idiot) and maybe even more (I haven't checked)... The guy even made fun of Valfar's death on his review of Windir's second demo. He is a shitty reviewer who only gives "brutal" metal good reviews. Good atmospheric metal like this gets shitty reviews minus a few. But it seems he has spammed his shitty windir reviews all over the these review sites and none of them even care. The lack of integrity they show is ridiculous to allow total trashing of bands music as an official "review".

On the review of Artnor this idiot posted on sputnikmusic, he kept on trolling posters who protested the review by reposting his rating and made fun of them several times. To me this is proof he is a troll... I urge any Windir Fans  to send the following message to, and demanding they delete his account...

"There is a troll going around posting shitty reviews of a great Metal Band (Windir).  He is using stupid bullshit criticism to trash any and all cd's by the band. He is going around multiple sites copy and pasting his reviews to those sites. He has posted reviews of Windir's albums to multiple sites using different names for each. For he is knwon as "rusted Idiot", for he is known as "hyperbore" and for "" he is known as "Cthonicisms".  He posts mean reviews that try to say that windir's music sucked (It didn't) and trolls the fans of the music in many of his reviews calling them man children and worse.  I urge you to perimently delete his account, he is mocking the review process to trash a dead metal legend. Do something about idiots like this, don't let them ruin Valfar's (windir's founder) Legacy.  Attached is a review he made for Windir's second cd Arntor...

Review Summary: On its second LP, Windir cements its identity once and for all, but in so doing proves itself to be devoid of any but the most banal of merits.

What most obviously separates this music from the heights metal can achieve in its greatest moments is its aesthetic of mood. Whereas metal is most commonly known as angry music, this is mostly happy. Not expressive of the joy of conquest common to power metal, or the appreciation of beauty common to certain niches of black metal, but simply HAPPY. These tracks sound more like drinking songs than anything else, which relegates them to occupying the same conceptual space - mindless, bouncy expressions of having a good ol' time, without a care in the world, because nothing needs to be taken seriously anyway. By expressing this aesthetic and being a metal album, it fails massively.

Composition continues to be simplistic, as in the band's previous output, although there are obvious occurrences of ambition sprinkled in. "Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet" at least attempts to develop itself linearly, eventually rescinding its irritatingly goofy lead hook for an atmospheric transition that is punctuated by the appearance of an arpeggiated couple of chords before gradually leading back into that main hook for a sincere, if trite, attempt at a conclusion. The ridiculously overlong-for-its-content "Saknet" takes a similar approach by moving its atmospheric section towards the end of the track, providing a lead-out that would close the album on a tolerable note if not for the following final track that, aside from its possibly being the worst song here, is also jarring in its overindulgent intensity that would be better placed at the beginning of this work.

As before, Windir's primary compositional approach here is to layer lead hooks comprised of overly dichotomous notes over two- or three-chord drawn-out rhythm riffing. Although there is some improvement in this album's desire to be expressive, with interstitial "heavy" riff sections to space out the songs a bit and occasional more dynamic uses of the rhythm section, it remains a boorish affair overall that is only made worse by Windir's full adoption of being mind-numbingly light. What little there is to like here is drowned in sappy melodies that carry nothing beyond their face value, and sound more like Disney music than anything else. This is the kind of metal that is not metal, and as such even mopey one-dimensional teenage pop is better than this. At least that has the decency to decline pretending to be something it's not. Windir is children's music made for adults, and as such this will be popular with man-children and nobody else.

People like this should not be allowed to post reviews! Where is your integrity. They trash a DEAD musician's music after his death, not just any musician, but a musician with tons of talent, and you let it happen? Where the fuck is your integrity! You have no integrity you stupid fucks! Immediately correct your mistake by banning the account of the user! It's  the only way to fix the mistake YOU CAUSED!"

Stupid Fake Music Review Site bashes Great Metal Artists with tons of shitty Critical Reviews...

So I was searching for Australian metal Bands when I came across a list of Australian bands. The list was posted on a rather bad site for metal. The site is The site is a crowd review site and one that sucks. It is filled with idiots who write bad reviews by the hundreds for awesome cd's... There are tons of idiot trolls giving good metal bands cd's shitty reviews there... Underground bands such as Windir (my favorite folk/metal hybrid band), Valtari and Be'lakor (two underground Australian melodeth bands). Part of the purpose of this post is to expose these trolls as the idiots they are.  On the site there are tons of shitty reviews written by trolls for every artist. Not a single artist cd's get's any higher than a 3.7 out of 5 due to this. A perfect album gets a 3.5 due to all the shitty idiots giving it 2 and 1 star reviews. They factor into the reviews so much that nothing can get a good review there, no matter how good it is.

Checking the "reviews" Of At the Gates's Slaughter of the Soul CD. In the first 10 pages of reviews there were 13 2 and 1 star reviews alone. All were written by trolls who hate melodic death metal because they are idiots. One of The Trolls who bashed Be'lakor's awesome music (which I just got into on spotify), simply wrote a 1 star review claiming it was crappy "generic melodeath", which it isn't... It's progressive doom metal inspired melodeath. Imagine a mix of amon amarth/dark tranquillity with elements of opeth, insomnium and other bands thrown in. That's what Be'lakor sounds like. They write fantastic music and yet they score a crappy 2.5 out of 5 on the site by all the stupid melodeth haters... Someone else whined that Be'lakor wasn't progressive and also whined that the only progressive elements are piano's which isn't the case. I came across tons of time and tempo changes and softer passages as well as long song lengths and concept albums too... Fuck him. But what really pisses me off is the one idiot on the site who abuses the stupid site's ridiculously stupid rules to write shitty reviews that take apart everything about an artist to bash it for stupid reasons...

Enter "RustedIdiot".

RustedIdiot is a moron who bashed Valtari's Awesome 1 man band melodeth project by whining about it's production and said none of the songs were anything but generic melodeth. Think that is bad? Well It gets worse... Because he ripped my favorite folk/viking metal band to shreds. Yes That is Windir.

Windir wrote Blackened folk metal with very dark haunted melodies and keyboard passages. They started as a 1 man band ran by a guy from norway who called himself Valfar before he Died... They based the folk aspect of their music on melodies from Norwegian hymns. These are dark accordian based melodies that sound absolutely nothing like all the other folk music heard in folk metal (which is usually happy or cheesy in some way). These melodies sound dark and sinister.

Windir's music was so far removed from black metal AND folk Metal alike that it needs a new subgenre to represent it's awesome dark sound. The band created that subgenre "Sognametal". It's in the void between black metal and folk metal but isn't either one of those really.

That didn't stop the fucking idiot RustedIdiot for bashing Windir for the following stupid reasons:

-"Faux Aggression"

-Use of an admittedly awesome Arpeggio Riff

-Folk Melodies being used (claiming even the darker folk melodies windir used are cheezy and crappy)

-Claimed every song  sucked and every song gets worse than the previous one on the windir cd "1184" (complete BS, The Final Song is the best one, I enjoyed them all, fuck him!)

RustedIdiot is very similar to a fucking idiot on youtube named DWTerminator. He is similar in so many ways that I think they are the same person but I cannot prove it without some real evidence (which as a person without IP address info I cannot do sadly).

They both do the following things:

-Trash bands/video games (in dwterminator's case) by writing stupid overcritical reviews.

-Use a scale where every level of quality ("good", "excellent", "bad") has a lower number than it normally should, for example they both give good albums/games a 2.5. This is done to piss of people who like a certain artist by giving them a lower score than you would expect. Because 2.5 would be bad on most people's eyes.

-They both harass and call fans of the stuff they are "reviewing" idiots to piss them off. Dwterminator did this in a Skyrim review, RustedIdiot did this in a review of a Windir Cd I liked. (I forgot which one).

I looked at all the reviews RustedTurdburglar give 4 and 5 star reviews and found out he is a "true norwiegan black metal" and "brutal" death metal nut. People like this bash anything that has melodies because it's not "BR00TAL!". They fucking suck.  Good music needs melody to be good. Just because it has melody does not mean it's cheesy. This guy took the best damn sounding folk/metal mix in metal (the least cheesy of  them all!) and bashed it for being cheesy. He is a fucking turdburglar.

This is what happens when idiots who make stupid crowd-reviewed sites like allow absolutely anything and everything in a review, and don't punish reviews for stupid shit like this.

Do NOT use sites like this to judge music. I'd rather use encyclopedia metallium's reviews (with their tons of fanboys giving bands 100% reviews) and stupid bad reviews ruining albums reception over a site that allows tons of stupid critics to post reviews bashing a cd for stupid fucking reasons muddling the score so bad because 30% of the reviews are 1 star reviews by stupid "BR00TAL is best assholes".

Fuck them!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

How I discovered over 22 AWESOME metal bands in one year!

This year was a  majestic metal journey through the best damn bands metal can offer for me. I discovered a LOT of new bands this year I didn't know about before and 80% of them were awesome. I specifically went looking for viking/folk metal/folk inspired black metal and atmospheric black metal to listen to.  I went "fishing" through websites looking for new music and through google searches and spotify I ended up becoming a huge fan of the following awesome metal bands.

Mithotyn (Classic viking folk metal)

Windir (AMAZING folk inspired black metal band, very somber and haunting - best on the list by FAR!)

Wolfchant (great pagan metal)
 Manegarm  (good viking metal - very fast and aggressive and black metal based)
 Falkenbach (epic viking metal - like bathory plus flutes)

Moonsorrow (epic fucking band - 15-18 minute long pagan metal epics!)

Wuthering Heights (amazing folk/power/prog metal band!)

Mistur (sick black metal band founded by an ex-windir member)

Finsterforst (sick epic progressive folk metal)

Thyrfing (best viking metal band ever)

Valtiari (awesome underground melodeth 1 man band from Australia)
Be'lakor (sick progressive melodeth band from Australia too)
Ulcerate (brutal technical death metal band from new Zealand)
Obsidian Tongue (cool atmospheric black metal from my own state)

Summoning (sick atmospheric black metal - second best band I found by far)

Myrkgrav (cool blackened folk metal 1 man band from norway - very good music)

Menhir (german pagan metal with folk elements and amazing opera like vocals)

Gernotshagen (epic folk/pagan metal - similar to Be'lakor meets ensiferum)

XIV Dark Centuries (excellent folk metal)

Black Messiah (amazing viking metal from germany, really cool and haunting sounding)

Thrudvangar (germanies amon amarth!)

Forefather (sick pagan metal from England! Really good band)

 It all started with me googling info on Amorphis. I just got into them and thought they were ok. I was into Folk Metal like Ensiferum, Wintersun, etc at the time. That's all I listened to. I had all the Ensiferum Cd's and listened to them to death. I planned massive virtual tours of places around the world and ensiferum was always the band I chose to listen to while touring North America (esp Canada!), Europe, south america and Australia. My google search on Amorphis lead me to a site. I was lucky to find it. It was a metal forum post asking a simple question... "What is the most influentual, underrated folk/viking metal band?". Some band named Windir won it. Now a long time ago I heard Windir on Internet radio and liked them but soon forgot about them all together. So I started to purchase albums in a purchasing frenzy that would last an entire month. The forum recommended Mithotyn. So I bought their king of the distant forest cd. Right away I knew I would love them. They were heavy and had insanely brutal growling that I loved. But then I listened to windir for the first time a short while later and it blew Mithotyn to shreds.

Describing Windir is tricky. The band sounded a lot like black metal but had really cool folk, industrial and atmospheric touches. Within a few listens they had far surpassed mithotyn and were endangering Ensiferum's place as my second favorite metal band ever. the guitar solos on the song Martyrium are insane. Then there is Fagning. Then I listened to 1184 and was blown out of the water by that. I thought Likferd was good. This was even better. The same thing happened when I finally bought Arntor online. That made 1184 look bad. By Far the most atmospheric band I have ever heard and Nothing comes close. Windir is very underrated. People trash it as crappy black metal. But it's not, It's amazing sounding and nothing comes close to it. Of all the bands I got into this was the best.
By a mile. Windir got me into far darker kinds of folk inspired metal. It got me away from crap like Korpiklaani and fintroll and made me like stuff like Thyrfing, Menhir, and much more.

Pretty soon I was on spotify and getting into other great Atmospheric folk inspired metal bands, such as Moonsorrow, Falkenbach,Wuthering Heights, Mistur, Finsterforst, Thyrfing, Myrkgrav, Menhir, Black Messiah, Gernotshagen, and Forefather. All of these single handily blew Ensiferum out of the water to the point where it was no longer even good in my mind anymore. It had been replaced by tons of non-cheezy Epic Folk inspired bands that actually had some really haunting melodies to them.

All of the bands I listed above are great. They are all worth listening to. Some of them however are insanely good. One band that captivated me all month was Summoning. This was not a folk inspired band but a really good black metal band that did atmospheric non folk inspired metal. Their latest cd is a masterpiece. I loved the sound on it. It was black metal + middle ages music. Their style is amazing.  It's only a 2 man band with 2 guys doing keyboards, and playing another instrument too...

Overall I had a blast getting into awesome new music this year...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rancid Abomination Update 12/4/2016

This is the latest in a series of video updates for Rancid Abomination (my black metal band). I filmed this last night. I will do these every 2-3 days. This one was the one done just after the new cd released... I plan to do these regularly from now on..

Enjoy.. \m/

Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Rancid Abomination Cd "The Devouring" Finished...

I've been working hard on the 7 new tracks for the new Rancid Abomination (my black metal band) CD. New cd is called the devouring, and it has 7 songs on it. 5 out of 7 are songs with vocals on them, the other 2 are instrumentals. The music for these songs is amazing sounding for the most part, minus 1 song.

Musically, it feels like a throwback to the cd "eternal hate and pestilence" which was done in 2003, only this time with slightly better production. The melodies are so similar, it's not funny. Both cd's have dark sinister melodies done on lead guitar and keyboards. Both cd's have thrashy  riffs, but this one has more of a groove metal influence in the rhythm guitars than Eternal Hate and Pestilence.

It took me a LONG time of constant work to get it sounding good. I had to alter the mixes by adding new lead guitars to them several times and had to fix the vocals an hour ago, to add more distortion which makes it sound better, vocal wise. Still not great sounding but better than before. Before it was sounding bad...

Whether I release this album on soundcloud depends. I really don't want negative comments so I think I will only release 1,2 songs. The whole theme of the cd (anti-(C)Rap) will piss of lots of people there I think, so I may only put it on noisetrade. Either way, It will be the last RA cd ever. I don't intend to do any more besides the upcoming greatist hits I am releasing on noisetrade on December 24.

Soon I will be posting this album on noisetrade. I hope it does well.. Until the Greatist Hits album launches there I will be posting updates here telling how RA albums do.

Enjoy Metalheads. Stay EVUL... Remember to Eat, Sleep, Drink, Piss, Fart and Wank BLACK FUCKING METAL \m/

EDIT : Here is a link to it!

Friday, December 2, 2016

New Rancid Abomination CD "The Devouring" being worked on...

Today, I was looking through tracks I had written in 2003-2004 to see if I could write an album with them, one final album to finish off Rancid Abomination's sick Black Metal Career. I found tracks for 5 songs and decided I was going to use them to write one final album. Several hours later, the work on "the devouring" had been done.

The Devouring consists of guitar, drum and bass tracks put through a remixing process and lead guitar and keyboard tracks added into to make them more hideous sounding. The Guitars on the new album were 90% done in 2003-2004, and the drums are all from that period. 90% of the keyboards, minus one track, are new however, and the lead guitars were tracked with my PC yesterday and today.

The Result is the most sinister sounding RA cd ever. By far.

Number 1, the evil emanated from this cd's music is insane. It even dwarfs Eternal Hate and Pestilence.  It sounds a LOT more sinister. Most of that comes from the keyboard and lead guitar tracks added on, the original music was NOT this way minus 1 track.  The result is quite good. Sick black metal here. Which brings me to the lyrical theme of this album... Which is insanely evil.

I am writing, what best can be described as, a black metal anti-rap themed cd. The lyrics are HIDEOUS on this one. I felt like I needed to do this after trolls from the Rap Community pissed me off by listing our band as HIPHOP without checking first and assuming our music was rap when they liked it over and over again. They sent tons of (C)RAP promoters our way that were completely unwanted. It pissed me off. So I intend to get my vengeance... MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EVUL! BLACK FUCKING METAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (C)RAP!

THIS is what will mark the end of Rancid Abomination's unfortunately unpopular career... It might be the meanest damn cd ever but it is the last. And I don't intend to do more. I could but I don't want to... Pushing the boundaries in taste is something I don't really want to do too much so Lets just end it here with a funny bang... Hehe.... Anti-(C)Rap black metal = funny!

Rancid Abomination Music Videos

Here are home made music videos recorded for Rancid Abomination songs. They are not the best music videos you can find because:

1) They only show me (Z.A. - the bands founder)
2) They have no real special effects
3) They are home recorded..

They do however have a creepy air to them... They all have an eerie type style to them. I recorded all of them with the lights out, to make it scary. They have me doing scary facial features too as well. I look like a complete lunatic during these videos and that's the kind of effect I was going for.

They might not be the best music videos ever recorded but they are ok. They are not cheezy. They are a bit boring, that's the only negative I can find... But they do have excellent creepy effects, so they are worth watching for that, alone.

                                           The Terrible Sound of the Demonic Hordes:

The Bleeding:

Something Horrible:

Harbinger of Fate (new song):

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rancid Abomination releases 1 new CD and 2 new EP's on noisetrade

Despite the troubles on twitter, I still managed to release some new material for Rancid Abomination (My Black Metal Band) on noisetrade. That's really good news considering all the issues I've been getting on twitter, so lets go into it. The new cd "the exploding death of christmas" was released 2 days ago. It came out great... Lots of excellent tracks... I took last sunday off to record 5 new bonus tracks... 3 of those 5 were demos, songs that I had backed up tracks from 2003-2004 to remix and re-record vocals for. There were tons of these tracks but only a few made it because only a few had lyrics associated with them and the rest had them in text files which all died in hard drive failures.

The 5 new bonus tracks were boosted by instrumental only remakes of two other songs I loved that I needed to do. These were also based on old tracks, but these lacked lyrics. So I remade them as instrumentals.

Last night was another recording session for me. Since it was not a sunday, I couldn't get away with doing my normal vocal style for the band (harsh blackened growling) so I relied on the old ra vocal style from 2003-2006 that was more quiet and whisper-y.  These turned out very quiet and hard to hear but still fit the music for the EP fine. The EP was recorded and the first track was a sequel to a long lost but highly enjoyable track I recorded in 2005 called harbinger. This song was inspired by the EBAY haunted painting story and was very eerie sounding. The new one was even more eerie with the creepy quiet vocals...  It came out great. I renamed it "harbinger of fate" because harbinger was it's prequel and that is gone thanks to me accidentally deleting it in 2006.

So now we have the full cd, an EP of the bonus tracks from that cd and the EP recorded last night on noisetrade for metal fans, especially black metal fans to enjoy. The 2 new EP's are a lot more Black metal oriented than the album. The album is more like blackened melodeth.  I also recorded a cover of the brilliant song "Todeswalzer" by Windir. Windir was a FANTASTIC black metal band that I happen to love listening to. They had a very dark, hopeless sound to them with really creepy, haunting keyboards and amazing melodies that were amazing sounding on top of that. They are my second favorite band to listen to now besides my own stuff so I felt that it needed to be done. That cover will not be released (due to royalty concerns - we are broke now...). But it was my way to do a tribute to Valfar (Windir's founder - used to be a one man band just like Us - He died tragically in 2004), since it was His music that inspired me to get back into black metal and my stuff later, which I ditched because I was a Pussy and thought it was too evil. Thanks to me listening to Windir I got into lots of other cool bands with heavy black metal elements in them such as great viking metal bands and such and without listening to them, I doubt I would have returned to Rancid Abomination in 2016.

Here is a link to the new album.
Here is a link to the EP with the bonus tracks from the above album
Here is a link to the second EP..

Sneak peak from the second EP

Sneak Peak from the First EP
Sneak peak from the Album

(C)RapGate : How (C)Rap Fans/Producers totally fucked up my Black Metal bands Twitter presence.

I am part of a 2 man Black Metal band from Boston (Rancid Abomination). We play extremely thrashy black metal and are as underground as you can get. So when I re-discovered some of Rancid Abomination's Music, I immediately wanted to put it online. I made a twitter site for it. Seemed fine at first, but.... Well something horrible happened to it over the last few days on twitter.

We had marketed it on twitter using the hashtags #unsignedartist and #newmusic. We thought it would be a good idea. Because it was really a one man band and #unsignedartist made sense, right? What I didn't know is tons of (c)rappers spewing their shitty fake music form called (c)rap use the same fucking hashtag. And before I knew it, stupid braindead gangsta thugs from 
@HipHopParallel_ labelled US, a Black Metal Band as Rap and put us on a hip hop list, without even CHECKING FIRST SO SEE WE AREN'T FUCKING RAP/HIPHOP.

So I blocked the fuckers. And they took me off the list. Didn't help. Soon I was inundated with STUPID (C)RAP PROMOTERS DAILY. Promoters like the ones listed below..  I didn't want any promoters, period, because I promote our music myself. I don't need promoters, especially fucking rap ones. Rap ones promoting a black metal band sounds absurd right? Sounds stupid. What fucking stupid (c)rap fan would like something as evil and extreme as black metal? No one. So why were these fucking stupid losers harassing us? They were too stupid to read the obvious thing that said we were BLACK FUCKING METAL and Not rap, and instead looked at the retarded list that listed us as rap.

But that's not the worst part. No... That is bearable. I could actually handle them. So I trolled them and their stupid fanbase saying how their "music" form was crap. I posted some funny tweets such as the ones below (paraphrased).

"We're about 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 Times better than the music (C)Rap fans listen to" (and we are, Ra's music is sick!)

"BLACK FUCKING METAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (C)RAP"

"Stupid (C)Rap Promoters thinking we're (C)Rap is the stupidest, yet funniest thing ever"

"We're the Kind of music (C)Rap Fans think is complete noise, get that straight MPG | Faggotry/
Promote Shit!"

and last but not least...

"Why are (C)Rap Fans Ignoring the Obvious?, it says right here we aren't rap!"

But that trolling shit just got them to like it like the idiots they are. And before you know it I had (C)Rap fans liking our posts on recording a new album, ALL ASSUMING IT WAS RAP without reading the OBVIOUS profile photo that says we aren't fucking rap. One even pissed me off when I said I wasn't gonna release the new songs on soundcloud due to how bad it's been doing there...And they liked that to taunt me... Fuck them.

So I then renamed the account. By  this point I had stopped using the #unsignedartist hashtag and changed to #unsignedmetal. Didn't help. They didn't go away. I then got rid of the #newmusic hashtag to try to stop them. But apparently these (C)Raptards were reading #unsignedmetal and #blackmetal (which I was using) and still liked this shit thinking it was rap.  Renaming the account did absolutely nothing. I had changed it from @RancidAbomBand to @OfficialRABand. Didn't do shit.

So I wake up this morning to find yet ANOTHER DUMB (C)RAP promoter following us like we're a fucking (C)Rap group! (@King_Promo_LLC) Fuck off! So What I did was shut down the twitter account. See.. That's how (C)Rap fans ruin metal bands online presence...

It's stupid because RA has been doing shitty. They even made it worse with their fucking retarded (c)rap stupidity.  RA has never been popular NEVER. Even online almost no one knew about RA. So by doing this, they have pretty much made sure it will NEVER be popular outside of sites it's on where it is doing well.. (which are few and far between).. With a non-fux0red twitter account I could at least get it out there better.... But I can't due to these stupid (C)Raptards... THEY ruined it.

Several times during the thing I made it OBVIOUS we were metal. To everyone looking at us. Our twitter description clearly read BLACK METAL BAND FROM BOSTON. None of them looked at that. So I changed the profile photo to at least say "NOT RAP!". None of them cared. To them they simply couldn't read.  They all assumed we were rap and pestered us. The promo guys were the worst at that. They followed us and didn't even bother to check what kind of music we were first, which is STUPID for promo guys. What are these guys, ghetto thugs? They sound like complete idiots.

THIS is the band they ruined:

Ok... If you are a metalhead and hate this kind of shit... I suggest you fucking give these POS losers a peice of your mind. I don't mind you trolling them. I think they deserve that, for fucking up OUR twitter... This band is alive by the skin of it's teeth now and has less than 300 plays on soundcloud, less than 10 downloads on noisetrade and frankly, they could have really ruined it bad if it weren't for the fact I have been seeing RA stuff every day in the charts there... They could have killed the band dead. They made it impossible for me to get a quality following on twitter because 90% of the likes came from rap fanbase for fucking metal songs. If it weren't for me using those hashtags and these idiots I would still be active on twitter...

Stupid Rap promoters that have been bugging us:

Stupid Rap Fans that have been bugging us:
@MixMastaKing(who seems to be the same person as the above using a second account to avoid my blocking of him - they have the same damn profile photo)

Note if you want to follow RA online, and get albums go to and search for us there....

Monday, November 21, 2016

New Rancid Abomination CD Finally Recorded... Release Date December 1!

I finally finished up work on the new rancid abomination cd "the exploding death of Christmas" (a humorous black metal anti-Christmas cd!). It came out really good minus one little thing that could not be avoided at all. But besides that one little thing (vocal quality) the cd came out great. Think it's one of the better ones the band ever did and is far better than the badly done previous cd "into Hells anus".
Music was written quite early for this one, a week ago. I worked my ass off to write good music and it showed. The new cd is very good in the melody department, and has excellent lead guitars. The keyboards are mixed bad but everything else is quite good.. The drums sound good, the guitars sound ok, and the vocals are mostly good.. A few songs had bad vocal performances. Especially the last track. Some songs had much better vocals than others, some don't sound a lot like black metal, but others are very good.. Tracks like "yuletide anusfart" and "pissing on the Christmas tree" got recorded first so they got good vocals. But others like "slaughtered santa sausage" and "the putrid abomination" don't have as good vocals but still are good.
2 Oldschool 2003 rancid abomination remakes were done on the cd too. Both were done well but the vocals on the second came out horrible. And it sucks because the second remake "addicted to evil" was one of my favorite rancid abomination songs ever. Good thing "the terrible sound of the demonic hordes" came out great.
I had to battle serious issues during the vocal session. Number 1, it was windy out where I live yesterday. Normally that isn't a problem, but severe winds (40+ mph wind gusts) can and have made my computer restart suddenly, due to  the wind blowing around a tree that has our power line bend over it, making the power cut out for a second, restarting my pc. I actually had to stop the recording several times and save the audacity project file (after every verse) to make sure I never lost anything. Luckily the worst case scenario (the power being cut out or going out completely) never happened. I got lucky. The cd is done mostly because of this. It could have been far worse, people!
Here are some songs from the new cd on soundcloud. I uploaded them the night I got it done.
And here is the newly released music video for the first remake "The Terrible sound of the demonic hordes 2016". I love this remake... The video is cool too. It is a creepy one. Watch out.
More info on the release when it comes. There will be an update when it gets released on noisetrade.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rancid Abomination Goes back to being a solo artist and is working on a new (and final) cd

Ok.... Here is the good news. Rancid Abomination (my current music project/solo artist/former band) is not dead yet. It will be dead by the end of 2016 but that is expected...  Here is the bad news. I lost all the band members minus our drummer due to them all reforming their old band.  That left Rancid Abomination in the gutter with only me as the founding member, going back to being a two piece band with me on everything but drums and Peter Fraleef filling in drums. This is a temporary Arrangement. The band will break up soon after this. The reunion will not last. I don't want to continue it anyway.

I've been amazingly busy recording a new cd for Rancid Abomination. The new Cd will be an anti-christmas cd and will have an evil anti-Christmas carols/Santa Claus theme, just to piss people off during the holidays. With song titles such as "Slaughtered Santa Sausage", "Pissing on the Christmas Tree", "Shove your Christmas Carols up your ass" and "Yuletide Anusfart", the album will be offensive to the idiots out there who want to shove XMAS music down my throat for one more year...  I intend to call the cd "The Exploding Death of Christmas".

Working on the new cd's music was hard as hell. I had composed it but didn't realize that I had pumped too much reverb in, causing tons of pops and clicks. So I had to remix it, but this time I noticed that the lead guitars were too high and the keyboards were nonexistent. So I gave it a third go, this time making it perfect... I played rhythm guitars on this cd for the first time in 10 years. It was fun but also quite hard. I did lead guitars too and most of the instruments you will hear on the new cd are my work, minus drums.

I think the music for the cd came out amazing! It took me a while to perfect it but it sounds amazing. A lot like a modern take on older RA stuff from 2005. There are some modern elements but they are rare. Don't expect the UV tinged stuff that was all over "Into hell's Anus".  This sounds much more like Classic RA stuff... It has AWESOME keyboards and very good lead guitars.  Rhythm guitars are a bit down in the mix but they are there... Melodies are really good and atmospheric. Track 5 must be heard!

 I look forward for releasing this cd... Should be really good...

Here is the album cover!

More info on this when it comes out. Probably won't update this till after the Recording Session for the Album is completed, which should be sometime before December.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Rancid Abomination Released! First in 10 years!

It's been over 10 years since rancid abomination relesed a cd. Back in january 2006, RA released it's 2nd to last cd (the band has always been a 1 man band). Since then it has been inactive and has not recorded a single cd.

Until now..

Behold "Into Hell's Anus"!

Today, I was home alone from 5 PM to 7 PM. I get that because on sunday my parents go out to eat. This time they went out to eat at somewhere close due to another reason (not going to say what), so I had less than 45 minutes to record the album. Lucky the album was 37 minutes worth of tracks with vocals. I had recorded 7 tracks with vocals this time (plus 3 instrumentals to add up to a total of 10 songs)...   I got away with it this time (sometimes I don't!) and because of that the new cd is done...

There were several moments where I got nervous due to them catching me in the act. One song in particular was 10 minutes long. I got nervous once because I swore I heard them talking outside (when they were not there it turned out). I thought I would be done for. But That never happened. The new cd got recorded, and mixed later on.

The cd is very, very different from the older stuff recorded from 2001-2006. It's vocal style is very harsh and hideous sounding. Not quite black metal and not quite thrash. Somewhere inbetween.  The music is close to stuff from eternal hate and pestilence but has some homicidal hammerfist touches (keyboards) and unleashing vengeance touches (fast riffs like in UV's later stuff).  It sounds more like Dismembered September than classic Rancid Abomination, but still sounds good. The vocals, for the most part, are excellent (minus 1 song).

You have to expect changes after more than 10 years absence of RA material. It came out good, but it really isn't like older RA stuff at all. More of it's own style that is unique. I like the way it came out but one of the best songs got a bad vocal performance. I thought that song had the best music and it am slightly dissapointed torwards it...

More info when it comes... As for the cd... You can listen to it here:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Rancid Abomination Story (And upcoming Reunion)

From 2001-2006 I was part of an EVIL one man black metal band named Rancid Abomination. This band was so evil, that it may be considered the most evil metal band ever. During it's career it offended so many people on, that it wasn't funny.  The lyrics were enough to get every weenie out there offended...  Tons of satanic lyrics. But not just that... Nooooooooooo...

Rancid Abominations lyrics had tons of references to evil acts not found in other bands.. Slaughtering children wholesale to Satan (including babies!)? Demons feeding off of said people's Entrails? Check! Disgusting References to maggots eating baby brains and baby entrails? Check. Fucking people up the ass? Yup that's right. Massacring cartoon characters like the easter bunny and Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer? Yup that's right. Fucking Shit Tons of swears? Yup! Tons of references to Satanism including shit tons of implied Satanic Cult activity by me (just to piss people off!). Check!
Tons of references to how certain people/all people/stupid people/idiots I hate need to Die in Pain? Check! References to Vikings slaughtering Christians Wholesale! Check! (Always, always taking  the viking side of things)

you see where this is going... It's by far the most offensive metal band ever.

I even went to great lengths to make the album covers look evil. One thing I liked to do was use a gimp (free painting program) filter to "mutate" my face to make it look like a demon shape wise. I did this a lot. I did anything and everything to offend, shock and disgust people with this band. And i payed off. I got tons of trolls on saying it sucked... It worked... No one liked it. Everyone hated it. God I love trolling idiots.

One particular image found in an album I did in 2005 even caused some uproar in my family. It showed a mutated version of me with a demonic mouth and a red patch on my forehead that said "FU!" on it. Then beneath that it said "ass perforator - all vocals and music". Once my brother saw that He got horribly offended and I had to tone down my music, which I did NOT do, I only made it worse because he was an idiot!

The band formed in 2001 as a black metal one man band mixed on a 4 track recorder.  Back then it was satanic but nothing else. It didn't start getting really offensive till a few cd's later. What kicked it into offensive music overdrive? Well...

I had been getting into black metal bands And had gotten into tons of them. I started hearing about this black metal band called Northwood Ice Pentagrams.  They were a satanic joke band. They wrote offensive but funny satanic lyrics that were hilarious. I still laugh at their lyrics to this day. Stuff like Frosted Flakes of Frost (A song telling how Tony the tiger from Frosted flakes is SATAN! - complete with an evil satanic ingredients list in the lyrics), Evil Squirrel (yeah! A song about an EVIL Squirrel), 404 file not found! (hilarious. - It's all in french though).You see where this is going. I got inspired by this heavily....

Add Gwar Influences in and you get the most disgusting offensive band ever. Gwar influenced my stuff just as much as northwood Ice Pentagrams. Lyrics about maggots, sex, ugh.... It was gross but funny... They had no decency. Just listen to songs like Fucking an Animal, Maggots, The Salamanizer (especially)  and you will see what I mean...

So I ended up writing evil rancid abomination songs like : Evil Weevil, Satanicock, I roadkilled Rudolph, Prepare to Die, Violence = Anger + Hatred, Unholy Bloodshed (complete with a text to speech intro that was hilarious (read below)), A tourbus in Hell, and worse...

(Intro to Unholy Bloodshed)
Fucking Die Evil Dickweed
Evil will not oppress buttfuck the mighty
evil will not be tolerated here
we will kick your infidelic rear

Your corpse will rot in pain
your soul will enter hell
your babies will be disemboweled
Satan will eat your corpse!

Your corpse will rot in pain
your soul will enter hell
your babies will be disemboweled
Satan will eat your corpse!

Your corpse will rot in pain
your soul will enter hell
your babies will be disemboweled
Satan will eat your corpse!

(A tourbus in hell)
Welcome to  Hell Ladies and Gentlemen
Here we have the reaper who takes people to hell so Satan can begin eating their corpses
Here thousands of babies are being eaten by maggots, all in the name of satan
here you can hear the screaming souls, as they are being tortured by a 666 mile long spiked
Here Satan Watches As I eat a Baby sand witch
Here a giant Cacodemon shits on the soul of an evil Christian Priest Fucker
Here a giant spike flies around looking for anuses of souls to probe.
<I forget the rest>

You see how horribly offensive Rancid Abomination was. It offended lots of people on I had it up there from the get go (from when our first song existed). It was quite bad then but not nearly as bad As it would get later on. Tons of anger and hatred all over the lyrics were there from late 2001 till the end. It was horribly violent and evil.  Some of it I meant seriously, other songs were just sick jokes. You can tell if a song is serious if there are little to no swears in it.

The ones that were designed to offend people were FILLED with swears. It was horribly bad then... Eventually it would be toned down slightly in 2004. But it still was evil, lyrically. That Never changed... But that wouldn't last and It got more offensive later...

Well the band got SO offensive in 2006 that I decided to disband it permanently.

All along Rancid Abomination's lyrics were designed to be sick and offensive in every conceivable way. But none of it was serious. I was never a Satanist and am not one now.  I did it to offend people, specifically one person who seemed easily offended who had annoying kids and showed up at every family get together back in 2001-2002. From 2002 on however the lyrics became more serious and sinister. I stopped trying to offend people as much and wrote evil lyrics on purpose because that's what I wanted the band to be like.  Some were still joke song lyrics but a few were serious.

Some songs wrote about interesting shit too. At least one song had politcal leanings in 2004. Several were about  fiction. One song was about the movie Alien. Several were about X-Files Episodes. Several songs focused on paranormal themes, such as ghost stories, alien abductions, etc... A few wrote about fictitious paranormal things...  One song was written about an infamous haunted painting I read about on That song was amazing! Phenominal melodies. Too bad I lost it tragically. 

Fastforward from 2006 to 2016. I had been in tons of side projects and bands. I learned how to do good production and how to write good music. I started becoming more varied as a song writer. Unleashing Vengeance would get semi popular.  All of that made me want to go back to Rancid Abomination bad. In 2014 It almost happened. But I put it on the back burner due to  how offensive it was...

Going into this month, I haven't listened to Rancid Abomination Once for 10 years. I used to hate it, thanks to it offending my family. But I got some of it back, and OMG it was amazing musically,  and I wanted to get back into it due to that. 2 days ago I got a second cd back. I am still missing a ton. I don't think I will get them back at all. See I deleted them all off my PC in 2006.  SO I decided to compensate for that by Reforming Rancid Abomination, 2 nights ago.

Rancid Abomination is coming back big time. Unleashing Vengeance is dead. Caustic Euphony is dead. All my other bands are on the back burner. It's time To bring back the most offensive band in metal history to the internet...

The reunion will be a short one though. Rancid Abomination will have the following three things done for it in 2016. A) A new Album, Entitled "Into Hells Anus". B) A Greatist Hits Compilation Released on XMAS 2016.  and C) A live album done in november/december (possibly, it's up in the air - It's hard for a one man band to perform live. Right now It's a 2 man band)..

It's been 10 years since Rancid Abomination was around at all.. Think about that for a minute. It's coming back, and most of it's cd's are not available to download on noisetrade thanks to people's stupidity (mine mostly).   I has a limited presence on line. I need to justify that presence and increase it by doing a new album.

The new album has already been written. Here is the tracklist:

Into Hell's Anus (intro)
Wrath of the Putrid
Evil Fart of Death
Evil Weevil
Smelly Hell
Chef Boyardee, I need a baby sandwitch

The songs are a bit toned down compared to 2004-2006 stuff but they are still quite bad. I still want to write offensive music. The only thing that's missing is the swear ridden nonsense..  More updates later on this album. It will be recorded soon, but not right away. I am planning to record it sometime in late September, Early October, Possibly on this coming sunday, but that might not happen now..

Meanwhile, check out the best two rancid abomination cd's on noisetrade. Eternal Hate and Pestilence and the Bleeding.

You can also visit RA's soundcloud site here:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rancid Abomination! The best damn black metal band ever! Go #NewEnglandStyle

From 2001-2006 I was the sole member of a black metal one man band named Rancid Abomination. It was a HEAVY dark black metal band...  It started out as an atmospheric black metal band with heavy thrash elements thrown in in 2001.  In fact the first album was death metal. But it shifted to black metal within 2 cd's...

Back in 2001 it was so horribly bad lyrically that it got several people on pissed at me. It was stupid. It got not much better a few years later, lyrically, but musically it started changing after a certain incident. A fucking idiot musical critic named Susan Ramson trashed it and that pissed me off. So I ended up ditching the internet for releasing new cd's, I didn't want stupid critics bashing it, so I just ended up keeping 90% what I did for the band to myself from 2003-2006.

During that period, it started to evolve into something unique though. It got REALLY good... REALLY good.. It changed styles suddenly, right after the Susan Ramson BS.  Going away from atmospheric black metal it suddenly became something way heavier... Super Thrashy black metal!

It started to do melodies found in no other band. Unique melodies of a certain style that are made when you play one note and then play another note without stopping playing the first note. A lot of it's melodies were constructed this way. It kept changing the pitch of the second note too. Sometimes it would be 3 steps higher, other times 4 steps higher, sometimes those steps lower too... It was very varied, and keyboards and  guitars both did this regularly.  These delayed harmonies became a big thing in it... It had developed it's own style. The style that I like to call #NewEnglandStyle 

Rancid Abomination started something unique. It changed styles a lot but was almost always thrashy black metal with delayed harmonies. Many of it's cd's did this. Later on it would develop more of a melodic death metal twinge, inspired by amon amarth. This was how it ended, as a melodeth band...

Since Rancid Abominations unforunate demise in 2006, all my other bands have taken big influences from it's melodies. Caustic Euphony formed from it's ashes and for a while was nothing more than thrashy death metal. Then in 2007 it developed a very black metal influenced death metal style that included delayed harmonies. My second band Unleashing Vengeance, started as a blackened thrash band in 2002. It did delayed harmonies as well for a long time. But rancid abomination was the pioneer of that style... Not unleashing vengeance... Eventually unleashing vengeance and caustic euphony would both go onto to do totally different styles not influenced by Rancid Abomination..

New England Style Black Metal is way cooler than any other black metal band out there... Currently there are 3 New England Style Black Metal bands around. Rancid Abomination (which has a limited presence online now), Dismembered September, and Homicidal Hammerfist (not a black metal band
 per say, but it has black metal elements)...  Both of those last 2 bands are Rancid Abomination Inspired.  Currently I am at work on Dismembered September. We have 2 cd's out... The sound is a lot like Rancid Abomination, only less evil and better produced.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dismembered September update

Z.A. here...

Dismembered September has gotten a little better off once it got on  the net. I made a youtube site, a facebook page, a twitter page and a page for it too... So far we have gotten no twitter followers, but we have gotten a decent amount of plays on soundcloud, but nothing else has happened. It's too early to see.

It's  good the previous post got lots of views...

Now on to what I think of our first cd/ep "Disgorging the Rancid Flesh":

I like it a lot.

Production wise it could be a lot better, but still it's not too badly produced. Vocals are a lot worse than previous psychotic fury/unleashing vengeance material. Guitars sound way better though. The chorussed effects and the distorted vocals are problems caused by my soundcard and microphone, respectively.

Track 1 "Stupid Black Dog" is a good fast opener. It has interesting, almost power metal melodies thrown in, but played in a tremelo style. This song is more blackened melodeth than blackened thrash. But the rest is way more in your face.

Track 2 "All insects must die" is way harder. The melodies are a lot more extreme sounding and there are faster blastbeats...  It's brutal! But not as brutal as track 3. Short song, Only 2:39 long

Track 3 "Putrid Disgust" is so brutal, that it turned out to be the most brutal track on the cd AND the most brutal song any of my bands has written. It is a short one too.. Being only 2:09 in length.
Lyrics for this were inspired by the awesome video game "Clive Barker's Undying". This is my favorite song on the cd.

Track 4 "Unleashed upon the world" is a lot slower than track 3 and much longer. But it's good. The verses and chorusses are brutal as track 2 but there is a lengthy intro and slow break with some accoustic sections thrown in, similar to earlier unleashing vengeance from 2009 or so. Good song but my least favorite on the cd due to the abysmal vocal production.

Track 5  "Call of the Brethren Moons" is a long dark instrumental which is more prog metal based than blackened thrash.  It's based on the hideously sickeningly disgusting survival horror series Dead Space, thematically. Originally it had lyrics but they came out so bad I made it an instrumental. Great song and a great ending.

According to I have listened to this cd 50+ times in 2 days. Holy Shit!

The next one will be recorded 2 weeks from now. Don't have any other info on it than that...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dismembered September Band Founded by Me.

Welcome to my new blog. I am Z.A. I am an musician from the Boston Area. I play Metal music only. I was in several bands and solo artists. I started ages ago in 2000 in my first solo artist massacred (originally called metal massacre).  I then formed Rancid Abomination a black metal solo artist that became a band much later. The style started as dark atmospheric black metal but changed later on into melodic black metal with unique melodies that sounded like something between doom metal and black metal.  I then formed a blackened thrash band called Psychotic fury with Kirk Stabbati on Guitar. That band would die and then be reformed in 2008 and would eventually change to extreme progressive metal and change it's name to compensate for that. At that time I also had a solo artist playing progressive death metal called Caustic Euphony which also became a band.

Since the breakup of psychotic fury/unleashing vengeance and Caustic Euphony (due to many reasons), me and kirk have formed 2 other bands. We formed Homicidal Hammerfist, a blackened power metal band that only does instrumentals. That was formed in July 2016 and since then was shelved a month later after the first 6 cd's are done. It was inspired by power metal and rancid abomination alike.

But that has been shelved. So what are we working on now?

We love older unleashing vengeance, back when it was called psychotic fury. It had a really interesting dark style to it that mixed black metal and sodom like thrash metal together well.. This style would be present in 2008 and then it would go down the normal thrash metal sound and become progressive melodic thrash in 2010 and later. This melodic edge however was short lived as metalcore and industrial elements got in it in 2012.  But back in 2010 it was rawer, more evil sounding, and in 2002 it was a raw as you can get.

So after listening to 2010 era unleashing vengeance, where black metal elements were quite heavy in the sound, we decided to recreate that style in a new band, with better production. We called this band Dismembered September. This blog is for that band mostly. I do vocals. Kirk does all instruments... I also do mixing, mastering, marketing, uploading, etc...

So far it's a 2 man band... It has one EP out called "Disgorging the Rancid Flesh".

Musically, Disgorging sounds very similar to a style that you would get if you fused the fast riffs from 2012 exploding metal era unleashing vengeance with rancid abomination's melodies. Add in a vocal style which is eerily similar to my vocals in 2002 unleashing vengeance/psychotic fury and you get a monster of a cd. Then make it 2x more extreme and you get brutal brutal stuff.

It's so brutal that it surpasses anything ANY of my bands have done in the heaviness department.

Track 2 and 3 are short songs, each far less than 5 minutes long, both clocking around 2 minutes long. Each one of these is filled with blastbeats, insane riffage and super fast tempo thrashy stuff...Track 3 is the fastest song I've ever recorded. Track 2 is almost as fast. It's insane...

Track 1 and 4 are heavy but lighter than track 2 and 3. Track 5 is an epic dark prog metal instrumental.

So far all 5 songs are on our soundcloud. The album is available to download on noisetrade. So far it has done fairly well for a 1st day on soundcloud, but not great. I guess that's to be expected. I will work on marketing it for the next 4 months (this month included). 

But overall I dig this cd a lot. On my (which measures my listening habits and recommends new bands), It is number 3. I've listened to it 30 times. Which is amazing for a 5 song cd. I can't stop listening to it. Production wise it's a bit off (there are distortions in the vocals and chorused guitar effects. Both of these are problems with my soundcard recording vocals AND what's being played at the same time (music) in the same track. No way to get rid of this without using a better mixing software (which we can't afford, the band is a hobby band only). I still think it came out OK production wise. Shits all over later period unleashing vengeance and 2010/2002 stuff quite nicely...

Our Soundcloud Site: Here
Our Facebook Page: Here
Our Youtube Site (I Post Updates here once a night): Here
Our Noisetrade Site (Download our EP for free here): Here 
Homicidal Hammerfist Noisetrade Site: Here