Monday, July 17, 2017

New Unleashing Vengeance CD is our First Blackened Thrash cd in over 4 years!

Over the last few days, we've been working on a new cd people.... Entitled "Fading Into Obscurity" it is planned to be our last...  I know that is not good news... But it had to be said...

On to the new cd...

Composed on a 5 day period before sunday, July 16 2017,  the new music is quite heavy and a lot more thrashy than the previous cd, which was a thrash/folk metal mix... This cd is a completely different animal... Instead of being a thrash/folk metal mix, this cd is mostly a blackened thrash cd... Minus a few tracks, the new cd doesn't have much folk elements thrown in... It's also a lot more technical and has longer song lengths than the previous cd.... The title track is 10 minutes long.. It also has a slight Meshuggah Influence brought in in the heavier songs, with riffs that have a syncopated, yet galloped structure that plays at a different time signature than 4/4, with bass drums that follow it perfectly and snares that do not... These riffs and drum beats were added in mostly because I've been listening to a lot of Meshuggah a lot lately and like their music..

Due to that change, the album is a lot heavier than the older ones... And due to the Blackened  thrash being added in it's even more heavy than before... Folk elements are only found in 5 tracks out of 8 this time around, and in most of those they are used rarely... When they are used, it's usually small elements of non-european folk being thrown in but sometimes american folk melodies are also used.. But most of the songs don't have a lot of folk melodies this time.. They are used rarer on this cd than any we've done since 2010!

The cd has a theme which is present in some of the songs... The predominant theme is scary things in fiction....  Tracks 1,2,4, and 7 deal with such things such as Cthulhu (track 1), The Aliens from the ALIEN films (Track 2), The Video Game F.E.A.R. (track 4) and the Reapers  from the Mass effect game series (track 7). The other two tracks with vocals are personal, lyric wise... The other 2 tracks are instrumentals....

I really like this cd... I can't stop listening to it... It's available to download on noisetrade here....

Unfortunately it's probably our last cd ever... I doubt you will see this Temporary Unleashing Vengeance reunion continue beyond August 2017.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Music upload sites to avoid like the plague

Ok.... Throughout Unleashing Vengeance's History, we have tried, Many, Many mp3 upload sites. 99% of them have failed us miserably. That's not a lie or an exaggeration. We tried lots and lots of sites and very few gave us satisfactory (1000+) plays. In fact only 3, THREE sites gave us satisfactory plays and in 2 out of these 3, the Plays eventually stopped happening...  The rest we got 10-15 plays MAX... It was horrible. Some gave us link spam, some gave spam on twitter accounts for bands, and worse.... Here is a list of the top offenders for horrible sites....


Signed up our music here a long time ago.... Got fed up with the site... Wasn't getting a lot of plays. Got our music added to a metal interet radio but only 1 song was added, nothing else... Not a horrible site, the rest on this list are either ok to bad to terrible so... Got my black metal bands signed up here and the songs got added to a station playing 90% dance pop and rap... WTF! DONT use this site, they don't know good music if it bites them in the ass. Dance pop and rap should not be mixed in with BLACK FUCKING METAL!


Signed up Unleashing Vengeance to here. It was a metal site... Songs got very few plays and the stupid idiot who runs the site DARED to post a forum topic about my band. No one replied. That's good and bad. Good because no one trashed it and couldn't. Bad because I never asked them to do this, PERIOD...


Signed up Unleashing Vengeance here...  Got almost NO plays... Person who reviewed it said it sounded like Metallica meets crappy dance music, which it wasn't... The song I used kind of sounded like folk metal though...


Signed up Unleashing Vengeance here.. Got almost no plays. AGAIN

6) myspace music

Signed up Unleashing Vengeance here when it was really young. Got a lot of plays but because autoplay was turned off later this didn't last...

5) bandcamp

Signed up Unleashing Vengeance here... Site didn't support mp3 files which is stupid. Got tons of "skips" here... Really dumb. The fanbase was so crappy that they couldn't stand metal... Site sucks, never go here...

4) soundcloud

Oh boy... The big one... Minus the last...  At first it was fine. Got 2000+ plays for unleashing vengeance... But later on BS happened. Signed all my bands up here because I thought it was good. But it had serious problems that I wouldn't see till after all of this...

Number 1, the spam level on this site is horrible. Everytime you post a track, you get spammers spamming "buy free followers" as their image...  So I blocked them. And got more... And blocked them... And got more... You also get ignorant idiots posting "rap guides" as spam to ANY ARTIST OF ANY GENRE... One of these guys is called 21... He keeps liking your song with multiple accounts if you post it and delete and repost it later because the production issues have been fixed (like I did a lot)...He won't stop till you delete the track. FUCK RAP! It's the worst kind of "music" ever, it's just a bunch of street thugs saying made up words over a fake drum beat or plagiarized music... Never ONCE did 21 or all the other idiot rap followers look to see that Unleashing vengeance was a FUCKING METAL BAND... I kept on getting tons of dance and rap followers and very few metalhead followers and eventually I tried "free" "promotion" which gave me more crappy rap followers only so I ditched the fucking site and went to Did I mention tons of people are using playcount inflators there, services that allow them to "fake" plays with soundcloud so they get millions of plays per hour and soundcloud does NOTHING about them?

3) Reverbnation

Went here a long time ago.. Did well there for a WHILE... But as the sound got worse produced due to a virus failure of my mixing PC for unleashing vengeance in 2009, my chart rating plummeted, from 35 to 200 in about a day. I tried to compensate by putting my players on my myspace page for the band but it barely worked because I turned on autoplay but they turned it off on any player including mine...

I came back later and had the SAME damn chart problem... It's like no one was willing to play my songs multiple times. 1-10 plays per song, 1-2 for the later songs. I had to post music daily to compensate for this and Later on I figured out people were using fake play services too.... Like these ones....

Metalheads were "Advertising" these as "promotion" on twitter... it pissed me off... Here is proof...

And metalbands were in fact using them... I got this image as proof..

How does one INDIE band from boston (which I have never heard of till 2014, and I know of a lot of metal bands from Boston), get 2274 video plays per day and only get ONE SONG PLAY? They only get 104 widget impressions....It's impossible for them to get that many plays per day on videos. Hell I got NONE per day... Period... They must have been using these playcount inflator bullshit programs..

2) tweetmysong

A long time ago I tried twitter and wanted to get unleashing vengeance on it when it was known as Psychotic Fury and was a 1 man band (back then).. So I tried Tweetmysong. I got a few plays.. Didn't know it was a (c)rap site... Hence all the "mixtapes" all over it... (only (c)rap sites have mixtape bs, only Rappers make mixtapes)... Within a week, all the songs were renamed with a stupid naming pattern and changed genre-wise to hip hop, even though they were FUCKING METAL! Apparently tweetmysong allows people to HACK into accounts while  they are still logged in... I left myself logged in one night and it happened.. No security. I thought it was the worst music uploading site ever due to this.... Until I found the next one...

1) Indienation

This pitifully bad service, pile of crap site, whatever you want to call it was advertised by (c)raptard spammers spamming Unleashing Vengeance's twitter page in 2014. Back then I didn't know it was a rap site until I tried it out... Had no clue they thought it was rap then... Now I am very wise about this crap but then I wasn't... Unleashing vengeance was very metal, everyone could tell that by looking at the site, BUT these stupid idiots and the stupid followers on soundcloud who ALL ASSUMED it was (c)rap music (I get this fucking problem all the time - why can't these illiterate idiots read the twitter about section or the soundcloud profile?)... SO Indienation KEPT on spamming me and would not stop, PERIOD... I tried there site. IT SUCKED.

Number 1, It demaned PAYMENT to even post a blog post, or music. And it even broke on me. The stupid intro site, which showed a fucking gangsta rapper craptard, and Allowed me to do stuff, but later on the intro site broke and it would not work.. After that they kept on spamming me with the hashtags #init2gether and some other crap. I had to block about 5-10 SPAM accounts doing this... Stupid idiots and a stupid site... Has to tbe the worst fucking craptard site ever, this one makes soundcloud look decent...

In short never use these sites for posting metal. Just go to Forget these sites. They are all a ripoff... 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Why Unleashing Vengeance is the Most Underrated Metal band Ever!

Throughout it's history, My Band Unleashing Vengeance has recorded some of the best metal you will hear... Loosely labeled a thrash metal band, Unleashing Vengeance is really a lot more than a mere thrash metal. Fusing in elements of Prog Metal, Melodeth and Metalcore, death metal and even some Folk Metal, Unleashing Vengeance is a very unique band...

The amount of nonsense being spread about  Unleashing Vengeance is appalling. The biggest nonsense claim is that it's shitcore, crappy computerized music... That's complete BS... Later on it started to kind of sound like that, but that's only because it used low OVERDRIVEN notes in it's melodeth riffs... And they KIND of sound like keyboards but they aren't... People are calling it industrial and complete crap and badly produced junk... It's stupid. I am here to disprove this BS in this really long article...

I formed unleashing Vengeance as psychotic fury in 2008. Back then it was just thrash metal, nothing special. It didn't have particularly good vocals, or interesting song writing... But it was decent. But by the end of the year it got liked more and got 1000 plays on myspace:

2008: Song - Thunderous Roar of the Thrashing

By the time it got to 2009 (it was a solo artist  then), the band shifted a little towards folk metal and prog metal. The vocals got way better. And the sound got way heavier... By this time however I simply could not keep up with the internet and the band failed miserably in plays thanks to myspace music's playcount kept on getting lower and lower... And in October 2009 my mixing PC got infected with bad malware and had to be reformatted. The production issues caused by me having to come bck after that and use different mixing software made the next 15-16 cd's I did sound terrible... and that wasn't good...

2009: Song - HellRoar

By 2010 Unleashing Vengeance would be not much better than 2009, internet wise. But the sound improved a lot. But the overall sound would take a BIG hit before that happened. Trying to fix the guitar sound issues caused by the reformat in 2009, I ended up messing the guitar up bad and no one liked it.... People called it "random noise" online and worse... It was not remotely popular... By this time we were on myspace music and Reverbnation and no one liked it at all..  But after fixing the guitar things did get a little better sounding at least, but no one was interested in the band at all...

The style changed too, being more melodic death metal oriented, and blackened thrash elements were being mixed in too, to compensate for the bad production issues the 2010 stuff had..  Vocals sounded bad but got better late this year...

2010: Song - Lawsuit Lividity

 By the time 2011 hit, Unleashing Vengeance became a full band... I added guitarist K.S. and drummer P.F. The sound got better mixed overall, and much more folk metal was being added in. By this time it was clearly not thrash anymore (although we went back to our roots and did a few thrash cd's now and then)...  Exotic styles of folk music from non-european countries were being added into the sound, Accidentally. I never intended to write this kind of folk metal, but I did... Slight amounts of metalcore stuff was being added in as well... By the end of the year, the sound started to take a sudden prog metal touch as well.... But still no one liked it...

Online people called it "indsutrial" and crap like that.. Some idiot Production Nazi Trashed the song absolute Disharmony... It was stupid. NO ONE liked it online, STILL!

2011: Song - Absolute Disharmony

By 2012 Unleashing Vengeance would go down a more folk metal styled route and more mixing issues would creep in...  The music was fine but the production was only a little better. Later on the production would be fixed by "remastering" the songs done this year. But back when they first came out, it didn't sound great... By this time I had found, and uploaded my stuff there, which was a big mistake later, but at first we did really well there...  Faster riffs were being added in including riffs like the intro riff of the following song... These riffs would take over the sound in 2013 and later but they were not always there... These riffs sounded like high pitched tremolo chord riffs with crazy technical melodies being played over them... It sounded cool...

2012: Song - Exploding Metal

 In 2013 Unleashing Vengeance started with a couple of badly produced albums. I like the first of these, despite it's production but overall it needed to be fixed. Ironically a massive Failure of my mixing PC happened right after the third of these cd's and I had to start from scratch. And while I didn't master the production right away (I had to throw away one cd due to vocal hiss - the vocal track getting the music track recorded in it very quietly - something my onboard soundcard does that I cannot get rid of normally), I eventually fixed the production and  the sound from there on was so good that all the shit about it being "BADLY produced" just didn't apply anymore.  The guitar sound became much more Nu-Metal esque though, with really low notes being played for melody in melodeth riffs... But I didn't see that as a problem because that's not how nu-metal sounds anyway.

The sound was so good that this was my favorite Unleashing Vengeance year. People liked it. But stupidity would also grab it later...  But for now it was fine.. Soundcloud was doing good but got slightly worse in 2014... The sound wasn't exactly like 2012. In fact it was even MORE folk metal sounding now... Elements of non-european folk music were being used a LOT and it started to get way more melodic and exotic sounding...  Love the music we did this one year... It was awesome, well produced and even though the vocals started kind of rough (I fucked up my vocal chords) it was still good..

 2013: Song - The Final Insult

 2014 and 2015:

2014 was very similar to 2013 but didn't start out as good. It was more thrashy and less melodic and way heavier. But the song writing was getting worse... The Complexity of 2013 stuff was not there.. But by mid 2014 that changed and the last 3 cd's done were just as good as 2013 but overall it was worse.

By 2015 the band went through two major issues...


We only did compilations this particular year... But we released our stuff on noisetrade and got some downloads and got huge in Texas.. But stupid people started to call our music Shitcore, A term for noise that sounds like music even though we were NOT that... (Just Listen to all the songs we posted here from 2009-2012 before labeling us as that, that's dumb if you do that without doing the listening first!)


A major trolling incident with the community surrounding a video game (a quite popular one I am a fan of ) lead to Bullshit dislikes of our music being hosted on my gaming channel... Some stupid member trolled me while playing levels I made for the game while saying we had no talent and worse... It got bad...  He even called our music "screamo" which we were NEVER...

By this point very few people on soundcloud liked us but we were taking over on Noisetrade... Unfortunately the success would not last.. Thanks to be deleting my noisetrade and soundcloud accounts and making new ones due to me not liking later stuff anymore and having to get rid of it online, we lost a lot of ground success wise... People did like our old stuff which we never posted on the old soundcloud and noisetrade accounts but when I listened to newer stuff and put it on them again the successs didn't happen...

So we broke up in 2015...

So We formed Homicidal Hammerfist in 2016, did stuff for that and dismembered september that year. Later on I would reform my old Black Metal band Rancid Abomination and tons of idiots would follow it thinking it was rap on twitter (because they were idiots!)... I ended up doing new cd's for Dismembered September, Homicidal hammerfist and Rancid Abomination the next year (2017) and they all came out great. After listeneing to a lot of unleashing vengeance last month, I decided to reform it for this summer only.  We recorded a new album last month/this month and it came out great. Unfortunately the presence for it hasn't been great but it's getting there... I ended up  getting the same damn stupid rap fans shit happen to unleashing vengeance right after the cd came out so I had to get a new twitter for UV, Just like I did for RA when the same thing happened for that band....

Still working on followers now...

2017: Song - Slow Torment

 It's ridiculous how underrated Unleashing Vengeance is. Poeple simply don't like it. My videos have gotten dislikes, people have called in crap, shitcore, indsustrial, it's been confused for rap by idiots, it simply hasn't gone far, minus one site, Jamendo, which I tried recently. It got a LOT of plays there but thats it.. If I tried Jamendo in 2014 and kept it I would have gotten way more... But alas I didn't.. I mean, you will NEVER hear a more technical band in your life, and the vocals have almost always been good..  The folk elements are  there but they are not as consistent as other folk metal bands... The sound is cool and new sounding, yet it really hasn't gotten the attention it deserves....

Monday, July 3, 2017

NEW Unleashing Vengeance cd "Slaughter the Innocent" released!

Well... Since Unleashing Vengeance got back together as a band last week, we've been working hard on a new cd.  Entitled Slaughter the Innocent, the cd is our latest foray into thrashy folk metal. Folk metal you say? Well the decision to write folk metal was not easy. See there is a lot of cheezy folk metal bands out there... Korpiklaani, Finntroll, etc.  Did NOT want Unleashing vengeance to sound like them at ALL... BUT unleashing vengeance has used folk melodies in the past in it's music on guitar so the jump was not that easy to do.... We just had to do it in a non cheezy way... So I relied on a mix of three non-cheezy folk melodies.... American Folk Melodies, Scandinavian Folk melodies (NOT Finnish), and some non-european ones... The result was amazing. The new cd flawlessly mixes those folk melodies with RAW Blackened thrash metal.  And it's very melodic but quite heavy at the same time. nonetheless..

Songs on the new album are quite varied:

Track 1 "Slow Torment" is a blackened thrash song with some American Folk Melodies in it in the break only. It's slower than the others but it's not really slow...

Track 2 "Death to the Craptardery" is much faster and in your face. It's got a killer thrash riff to open it. Unfortunately the vocals have issues...

Track 3 "Death to Tarnsman" is a normal thrash song that sounds like 2012 era unleashing vengeance. Lyrics are quite personal on this one.. It's about some idiot who trolls people who make "bad" levels for a video game while he plays them online... Stupid idiot is what he is, He did it  to me so he sucks... Yet  they worship the fucker. Vocals came out great...

Track 4 "Impeach that Donald Trump Fucker Already" is one of the more interesting ones on the cd musically. It's a technical thrash song with a cool melody and an obvious lyrical theme... This is one of the most controversial songs UV has written along with track 3.  Vocals came out great. This does have an American folk melody thrown in in the chorus...

Track 5 is an instrumental and is the first one to have a strong oriental music theme thrown in. The rest on the cd do this.. Inspiration came from Nile.  Melodies like this were always in Unleashing Vengeance's music but now they are even more pronounced.

Track 6 "Dipshit music service" is about us being kicked off of jamendo along with my other bands.. Stupid... They deserve this... It's similar to track 5, thrashy oriental folk metal.

Track 7 and 8 are instrumentals and one is based on Scandinavian folk music (track 7) while the other is based on Oriental folk music. Both are inspired by the doom addon epic 2. The addon has you play someone fighting through Egypt in tombs and stuff and he runs into a space ship that takes him to outer space, stargate style. In space while fighting space aliens, he dies. He "wakes up" on a beach nearby another Egyptian tomb and after fighting his way through several more, you can feel that this last third of the addon is not in Egypt but in an Egyptian afterlife called Amenthes.  In this afterlife, souls are put through trials to see if they are pure... One involves going to a firey pit where a crocadile headed demon eats your heart of you aren't pure... That pit is in one of the levels later on and later on you end up going through a mortuary and there it tells you you died... Track 7 is about this mortuary and track 8 is about everything before it. It's a brilliant doom addon...

Track 9 is about how is stupid and they refuse to recognize the following metal bands for being great in their stupid "best band per country" list: Windir, Persuader, Summoning, Harlott, Unleashing vengeance and more... I decided to write about it. This is mostly a melodeth song but does have a folky ending...

I released the cd on noisetrade yesterday, less than 2 hours after it got recorded. While the album came out good, I am slightly disappointed with the production. The vocal production is quite off. I don't know if it's because I am using an old Mic that is dying or something but it doesn't sound quite as good as old unleashing vengeance stuff from 2013. Didn't do what I did to it then but I tried to and it sounded horrible, so I had to produce the cd a totally different way.

I did several youtube videos of unleashing vengeance songs for our youtube channel which you can find here...  Below I will link several of them. Among them were videos showing off 4 songs from the new album, and a music video  for the best song on the album.  I also followed 78 people on our new twitter account and only 4 followed me back and 1 is an anonymous person so I have no clue whether that person is a craptard or not. Wish I could block them... So if you like the stuff linked below or our new album on noisetrade, follow us, we need the followers on twitter desperately..

Album download on noisetrade: Here

Our New Twitter page: Here

Music video for Slow Torment (The best song on the new album):

Pathway to Amenthes (The Scandinavian Folk Metal Instrumental)

The Rediculous and the Absurd II (The other instrumental that is about Epic 2)

The Latest Update for the band:

EDIT : It seems Jamendo did NOT kick off our bands from their service. I don't know what the hell happened. One day we could not log in and the bands were all gone from search results and now we're back.... Have no clue what happened..... Maybe the sites were offline for a while? Sorry Jamendo...

Friday, June 30, 2017

Unleashing Vengeance is back together, new album being worked on!

Well I have good news for you guys... Unleashing vengeance may have been broken up... But no more! We are now back together.  After hearing some of our old stuff, I decided to reform Unleashing Vengeance.

It wasn't an easy decision. But I think it was a good one. It has always been my most popular band till recently. It's doing well online and people even liked my videos on youtube talking about the reunion of this band.

The reunion will feature a new album. Entitled "slaughter the innocent", it is a return to form for unleashing vengeance. We recorded the music for it already over a 5 day period.  It has 6 tracks with vocals, 3 without, and overall sounds like a later period unleashing vengeance cd (aka : really technical, thrashy, folk influenced metal).

Track 1 is a slow brooding type song that reflects the mood I have been in lately. It's not a good mood to be in but bad things may be happening in my life very soon if things don't go my way.  This is the first UV cd to not have a fast thrashy opener.

Track 2 is a lot faster and heavier. It also has a lot more complex drumming... American folk melodies are thrown in here during the chorus on accoustic.  This song is about crappy entertainment on TV, not going to say what tv station yet...

Track 3 is a pure thrash song. It is quite heavy and somewhat complex although it's nothing like track 2 in that department. It's about me getting trolled by idiots in the gaming community surrounding a certain FPS game 2 years ago.

Track 4 is a slow, yet super complex technical thrash song with an interesting melody... It has more american folk melodies thrown in in the chorus. This one is a big political statement. Until the cd is out I don't want to reveal what it is  about.

Track 5 is a folk music instrumental.

Track 6 is the first song on the album that blends several different kinds of folk music into metal. It sounds very experimental yet thrashy at the same time. One of the heaviest songs on the cd, but not really complex for a song. This one is about the legendary doom addon hell revealed. This song is going to have black metal vocals, for to fit the theme well it had to be black metal.

Track 7 and 8 are folk instrumentals.

Track 9 is a melodic thrash song with some very technical drum beats and riffs... It has complex melodies as well and has some folk melodies at the end that are non European/American. This one is about how loudwire is stupid and they refuse to mention great music when they do their youtube lists, like Windir, Persuader and Summoning.

Track 10 is going to be an unreleased Windir Cover. I won't include this on the internet do to copyright issues... Song to cover : "The Spiritlord". 

Overall I like the way the cd came out. It is a little bit less complex than old unleashing vengeance. But it's close to older stuff melody and riff wise at least... There are fast songs, slow songs and medium speed ones. It's varied enough for my taste. The drumming is a little bit different this time as well, more focused on prog metal drum beats than jazzy ones like old UV stuff.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Loudwire is a complete joke, they refuse to recognize Windir as the awesome band they were.

Ok... So I saw some best band per country thing on being advertised on facebook. Full of crap it was... Tons of horribly overrated bands being put there for popularity reasons and underrated bands that completely annihilate them being left off the list. It was so pathetically bad that it pissed me off...

Sweden : Opeth
(Should have been Persuader - Sounds way better and Way Heavier than Opeth. Groovy Brutal Power Metal FFS!)
USA : Metallica
(Anything but metallica, come on! I would rather have Unleashing Vengeance, My Old Band here than metallica! (Even Though Unleashing vengeance really isn't that good...))
Australia : Some stupid crappy band
(Should have been Harlott - wtf are they thinking...)
Finland : Who cares what they chose
(If they didn't chose Wintersun they have no credibility)
Austria : Belphegor! (WTF!)

But that doesn't piss me off as much as the complete lack of any sogndal (norway) bands being listed there or anywhere else on their site or any video done by them... These bands are far better than normal norweigan black metal and need to be recognized as how amazing they really are.
No Vreid?... Co'mmon!
No Mistur? Stupid.
No Cor Scorpii? WTF!
No Windir? Fuck you!
I mean these 4 black metal bands collectively shit all over most other black metal bands you can name with Vreids rock n roll riffs, Mistur's Epic Atmosphere, Cor Scorpii's Classical inspired riffs and instrumentation and Windir's fucking sick dark folk melodies, amazing clean vocals, sick guitar solos, and haunting keyboards... Valfar was a fucking Genius! Yet they don't want to mention ANY of these bands ONCE! You put any black metal band FROM THE WORLD against any of these bands and They have a hard time competing at best and get annihilated at worst.

Emporer? Can't beat Windir
Burzum? WTF! Guy is a fucking nazi fuck off... WINDIR >>>>>>>>>>>>>> BURZUM
Mayhem? Windir kills them
Dimmu? A joke. Any of the Sogndal bands eats them alive.
Old Mans Child? Close but still no Windir. Can't beat Cor Scorpii either.
Darkthrone? Windir kills them. Cor Scorpii Also
Satyricon? No Windir, NEXT!
Sarcofago? No Windir
Watain? WTF! It's a joke, no Windir,. These guys made their stupid 10 best black metal bands list but Windir Didn't?  Watain Can't beat Cor Scorpii, OR Vreid either.
Rancid Abomination? No can't beat them either. Comes really close admittedly but.... Yeah.
(And that's MY BAND we're talking about)

There is only THREE black metal bands that are anywhere near WINDIR. The First is Summoning (EPIC Mideival folk influenced black Metal? That's original! AND KICKASS!).. The Second (SURPRISE!) Aren't even from Norway, or even Europe either. (And no they aren't American).... That's Melechesh. Really good band and it's good they got recognized because (IHMO) They have the atmosphere to pull of a really good sound. And it's catchy... Which is a plus.  Where are they from. Israel. Yeah... Israel. Third one is.... BATHORY... Who obviously invented black metal! So they should be ahead, right? Every other black metal band out there sucks compared to Windir and the other 4. These 3 are really good, good enough to be equals... But no others come close.

Windir may be the best sounding black metal band ever. Yet the stupid turds at Loudwire, don't want to give them recognition.... Even their damn stupid "11 AMAZING bands that speak in foreign languages" refuse to mention Windir (Who Speak in Sogndal in 90% of their songs) (but they did mention the faggotry infested crap band Arkona, fuck you!). Fucking Band founder Valfar is dead and has been Dead for over 12 years and No Mention of them at all... Fucking stupid....

If you are a windir Fan go here and piss off some stupid idiots on the comments section:
(It's a stupid list that mentions musicians who died before releasing their masterpeice... NO Mention of Valfar there either, OR chuck from Death, for that matter)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NEW Rancid Abomination is out! Completely changes the sound of the band for the better! (LONG post)

Ok.... ZA Here... Decided quickly last month that Finality would not be the last Rancid Abomination CD and that Rancid Abomination would go down a different route from now on. Originally conceived as a horrible black metal one man joke band, rancid abomination wrote evil lyrics on purpose that are disgustingly bad at times.  But that's in the past as I move forward to redefine Rancid Abomination and what it should be like with the new cd...

I conceived this cd last month. I was reading the Mothman Prophecies book by John A Keel. It's a book about unexplained things that happened in West Virginia in the 1960s. It's a fascinating read. But it's also a scary read as it goes into A) UFO Sightings B) Men in black sightings C) Alien Contactees D) Other weird crap and E) Sightings of a 7 foot tall bird man thing with red eyes called the mothman.

This book is one of my favorite books ever and it inspired me to write a concept album on paranormal stuff... I wanted to do this for at least one month and I decided to write the music for this album earlier this week.. I entitled the album "Staring into the eyes of madness" and it's out on noisetrade to download for FREE right now..  Download it here  I composed it with a twist... The usual rancid abomination sound was ditched for an expanded sound that adds the following elements on top of the old RA sound without losing that sound much:

A) Totally new rhythm guitar style inspired by Unleashing Vengeance's guitar style but done more in a black metal way. The triplet infested riffs are still there but they are done with muted notes and black metal chords now. This is more of a groovy styled guitar sound and it fits C) well and it unfortunately replaces the old blackened thrash sound the band used to have but... Whatever.
B) Atmospheric Black Metal (think summoning) elements such as medieval instruments, long song lengths, slow drumming and such are used in the 3 atmospheric black metal type songs on the cd... These are generally slow and epic sounding and have trumpet in them and medieval elements thrown in in one case.
C) Far more varied drumming. Drum beats are really experimental sounding on this cd and it shows. Some Drum beats sound quite jazzy sounding. Others are "Hybrid drum beats" based on 1) Rancid Abomination Drum beats and 2) beats other bands do... Bands such as A) Dimmu Borgir B) Summoning C) Unleashing Vengeance and D) Melechesh (!) That being said I am not trying to sound like Oriental (Middle Eastern music inspired) Black Metal here.. I just have been listeneing to that stuff a lot lately and was SLIGHTLY inspired by it. Not inspired enough to want to sound just like it mind you! You will here drum beats that have part of them sound like part of a drum beat Melechesh uses but not the whole thing.. It ends up sounding very experimental but cool nonetheless.
This next one is completely expected coming from me, me being  the biggest WINDIR fan in North america by now!
D) HUGE Inspiration from WINDIR:
This cd is the first cd I've ever done to incorporate WINDIR-ESQUE folk metal melodies into the album. It's huge. I based them on PARTS of a lead guitar melody from the legendary Windir Song Fagning. and altered the pitch of the whole melody than transposed parts of the melody several times by several pitches to get the melodies I do in the cd that sound really folky sounding. But don't worry. This isn't cheezy folk metal stuff here. It's fucking windir. They were the least cheezy folk metal/folk inspired black metal band ever so...
Also some of the cd has some industrial elements thrown in in places. Mostly it was done to add some other influences in. It's especially noticeable on tracks 3 and 5.
So now Rancid Abomination blends in influences from Summoning, Windir AND slight Melechesh influences now... Heh...
Older elements of the band are still there, such as the trademarked delayed harmony style used in 90% of my music, deep evil sounding synths, tons of blastbeats, scary sounding music and creepy lyrics and vocals.

Lyrical inspiration comes from several paranormal things that have happened in US and England since the 1960's. As a firm believer I know some of these things are real. And some of them are quite disturbing...

Track 1 deals with alien Abduction... It's called "The Experiment". It's a brutally fast song with a symphonic style to it. Alien Abduction is a scary concept to open the cd with I think. The song explores screen memories, alien experiments, and other things... The vocal production in it is a bit lacking but it's not too bad. It also has some windir styled melodies..

Track 2 "Abode of the Phantom" deals with a weird "invisible" bigfoot sighting in maine I read about online.  It's weird as hell and the song about it is even weirder sounding. Extremely experimental and ugly sounding, the song has some very dissonant chords and fucked up sounding melodies, and some very groovy drum beats too.. It also has more thrashy and death metal styled druim beats as well..

Track 3 "Mr Apol" deals with a mysterious alien visitor who fed prophecies to John keel in the 1960's through a contactee in Long Island New york. The contactee met this alien several times and it would speak through the contactee and give Keel lots of fucked up prophecies,  that were almost true but not quite... A few were however and it was weird...  The song itself is very heavy and has a brutally heavy thrashy black metal styled start and an industrial styled finish..It also has a windir styled melody in it.

Track 4 "Black Eyes" is about reports of "Black Eyed Children".  Black eyed children supposedly show up on doors of remote towns late at night and asked to be let in. The people who see them experience insane amounts of fear and refuse to let them in. The ones who let them in suffer cancer, dead pets, nose bleeds, radiation exposure and worse. The kids themselves look like kids with out of place clothing and completely black eyes. The song itself is an interesting mix of summoning styled atmospheric black metal and Groovy Black Metal in the vein of Melechesh minus middle eastern elements... It's slow and very evil sounding but very groovy. It's my favorite song on the cd..

Track 5 "Stalker of the Night" is the longest song on the whole album. At 11+ Minutes long it is an epic Medieval/atmospheric black metal (think summoning)  song about the ancient English Legend of Spring Heeled Jack. Spring heeled Jack was a weird winged phantom that showed up in Victorian london in 1837 and later. He was able to jump great heights, breath fire and he had glowing red eyes. He attacked and hurt several woman supposedly but always got away by leaping over fences and things.. He was never caught. The song is a slow epic atmospheric black metal song with mideival music elements thrown in including medieval percussion, such as kettle drums and tambourines, and such. Mix that in with black metal and some Windir Styled melodies and some industrial elements and you get this song. It also has clean vocals but they came out bad... They sound a bit badly mixed and produced but they are there...

Track 6 "Wendigo", is about reported phantoms that resemble the Wendigo Creature from Native American Mythology. I am specifically talking about things that have human bodies and deer's heads.  They show up a lot in sighting reports. There is one report in Colorado where a woman see's something like this haunting her cabin while she and her husband went out hunting into Colorado. Another frightening encounter happens in Oklahoma where 2 guys go up to a mountain to do Astrophotography. They run into wildlife, all running away from them. They then see the phantom, human shape with a deer's head and glowing red eyes.  This story scared the shit out of me. So I wrote about it in this song.  The song is a fast heavy song with strong Dimmu Borgir and Windir Elements thrown in.  It also has some more groovy drum beats in the chorus but they are rarely used and the riffs in this song are super complex and haphazard sounding..

Track 7 "Pukwudgie" is about sightings of "Pukwudgies" in the Freetown state forest. Pukwudgies are evil dwarf things that show up in Local Native American Folklore. People supposedly see them if they go into the Freetown state forest, a supposedly haunted forest, in the same state as me (Massachusetts).  Whether they are hallucinating it or it's something being put into their head is beyond me. But it's happening. The song is similar to the last one and has heavy dimmu Borgir influence in it and also has a very sinister sounding melody being used.. At the end it gets a bit groovy but the beginning is more of a dimmu type song with evil melodies.. It also has a Windir styled melody thrown in..

Track 8 "Staring into the eyes of madness" is about the Mothman itself.  Mothman was seen by hundreds of people in West Virginia in 1967. Right after the sightings ended, the nearby bridge leading into the town colapsed. Many people say the mothman was a death omen. People who saw it died in the bridge collapse. But I don't think so. I do think it was supernatural in origin because it could fly WITHOUT flapping it's wings and could take off vertically like a helicopter without flapping it's wings. It also had Hypnotic red eyes and people who saw it were terrified. Again like Black Eyed Kids, it induced tons of fear. The song itself is a lot more sinister sounding than the last two... It is the second longest song on the album and has foreboding type elements thrown in including a very deep creepy keyboard and evil sounding folk melodies played by trumpets. It also has a Windir styled melody in the break.. It has clean vocals, and unlike track 5 they came out good....

PHEW: That was a lot to type out...

Anyway, I am pleased with the way this album came out in every category but production which is off but it's black metal, so who cares (!). I'm no "production Nazi" and I think maybe the bad production makes it sound better. Lyrically it's awesome and the whole sound of it is very diverse and weird sounding at times and at other times sounds like older RA stuff plus some new influences... It's cool... All the influences mentioned in this post are really good bands people (minus maybe Dimmu), they are worth checking out!

Anyway that's the end of this insanely long post. But before I go... Check out my youtube channel for updates...