Sunday, December 31, 2017

Unleashing Vengeance releases a new cd "The Wrath of Tah-um" which is it's first Oriental metal cd....

Unleashing Vengeance just did another CD! This is the last cd that UV will do for a while people...

Entitled "The Wrath of Tah-um", this cd is a Serious Sam video game themed concept album. It is also partially an Oriental metal cd.  Certain songs are about parts of the games that take place in Egypt or Persia, and those songs are all Oriental metal songs, with heavy Middle Eastern influences thrown in.  The others are about other parts of the world Sam goes to and are just normal thrash songs...

The cd is based on the Serious Sam games, lyrically. It opens up with an intro that quotes a line from the long removed full Serious Sam story, a song mentioning the Hum-Tah, the race of aliens Mental (the game's villain) belongs to.  Then comes a long epic blackened thrash song about Mental wiping out all life on Sirius.  The song after that is a very short thrashy song about Sam "Serious" stone's first journey to Sirius which leads to Mental being awakened again and this time Mental attacks earth's people...

Tracks 4-6 are completely different than tracks 1-3. Track 4 is a slow intro to track 5, done in a very middle eastern style. It leads into  track 5, which is about Sam Going back in time to Ancient Egypt to try to stop Mental. Track 5 is a slow oriental metal song with an epic riff and fast break. Track 6 is another instrumental done in the same style as track 4 but is much much longer. It is about Sam's fight with Ugh-Zan III at the end of Serious Sam : First Encounter.

The rest of the songs are about Serious Sam : Second Encounter, starting with track 7, which is about Sam's boss fight with the Mayan Wind God Kulkulkan 1/3 of the way through Second Encounter.  As such it lacks Oriental Elements and is much more of a technical thrash song.

Tracks 8 and 9 are again oriental metal songs and they are about Sam's travels through Persia in Second Encounter. The first one is very short and is about the beginning of the Ziggourat level. The song itself is the most Oriental song on the whole album though.  The next song is about Sam's fight through the courtyards around the Tower of Babel.  The song itself is quite oriental sounding, especially during the slower break, but the beginning is very Black Metal like. The final track on the album is about the fights Sam has in Ancient Poland and therefore is not Oriental sounding at all.

I think the cd came out fine. Although vocally, it's slightly disappointing. Tracks 2,5,7 and 8 are fine. The other tracks have issues..  Minor ones though this time. Production is ok but could be better. Drums are kind of bad sounding. The guitars and Middle Eastern Instruments (Sitar, Gongs, etc) sound fine.

As for the Oriental sections, they could be much better, But I am not great at writing Oriental styled metal (yet). I managed to capture the right atmosphere, but the melodies are quite simple at the same time, sounding a lot like Meditative music than actual Middle Eastern Folk Music..  Some melodies don't have that vibe that is needed and sound slightly out of place. Others are way to simple.. Don't think I can do the complicated ones yet, I cannot wrap my mind around their structure by listening to them. So I am sticking to ones I know I can do. Keep in mind that most of UV's music has been thrash up to this point so this change to oriental metal may not have been the best idea. Still sounds good though to me...

Overall I like the cd, and it captures the sound needed to express the serious sam universe well..

Download link is below:


Saturday, December 23, 2017

New Unleashing Vengeance cd is released as a solo effort, and pushes the band into Black Metal Territory

Unleashing Vengeance news here people. Unleashing vengeance went through a big breakup but don't worry, UV is NOT dead...   All band members but me (Zakk Asshole) Left  the band... That left me to shore up things and make Unleashing Vengeance a solo project...

So I decided to write the first Solo Project Unleashing Vengeance album last night... I composed it with a certain goal in mind... See I had seen some cool videos showing off sounds the planets in our solar system make... I decided to use these sounds (which were not copyrighted) as a base to write new music... I thought "lets do a concept album about the solar system" and mix in the sounds from the planets into the songs about the planets... I wrote 10 songs:

Track 1: Sol : The Lifegiver (About the Sun)
Track 2: Mercury : The Deadly World
Track 3: Venus : The Melter of Lead
Track 4: Earth : The Origins of Man
Track 5: Mars : The Cold Desert
Track 6: Mighty Jupiter
Track 7: Saturn : The Ringed Giant
Track 8: Uranus : The Mysterious World
Track 9: Neptune : The Frigid Stormy World
Track 10: Pluto : The Lost One

Each song was composed with a very eerie creepy vibe, using folk melodies that were quite oriental sounding at times, but played on high reverberated lead guitars using tremelo picking.  The Rhythm Guitars were done by Kirk but He is no longer a member any more.  He will join me again to help do rhythm guitars on the next UV as well...

Overall the album came out really good.. Each song is different..

Track 1 is a folk metal instrumental with mostly acoustic guitars done in an American folk style.
Track 2 is a melodic thrash song with a heavy melodeth style.
Track 3 is similar but slower and is much more evil sounding. Some folk melodies are added in later
but they sound creepy.
Track 4 is another American Folk Music Instrumental
Track 5 is a fast thrashy Oriental Metal Song
Track 6 is an epic 11 minute long Atmospheric Black Metal Song with Orchestral Elements
Track 7 is a fast technical thrash song
Track 8 is a very progressive melodeth/thrash song with a folk melody in it too.
Track 9 is a blackened thrash song which is sort of sinister sounding
Track 10 is a brutal blackened thrash song to end the cd.

I think the cd came out great.. It sounds a lot different, because it uses black metal vocals but besides that it's pretty cool... Due to Time Contains I had no choice but to do BM vocals for this, which I have gotten good at lately. Good Vocal Performance.... I like the music a lot for this cd, which you can hear here... Get the cd here...

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Unscrupulous Vomit's sound gets completely overhauled to be Atmospheric Oriental Sognametal! UV now sounds like Summoning Meets Windir Meets Melechesh!

So I've been a huge fan of the following Black Metal bands for a few years now...

Windir (Sognametal band - Blends Norwegian folk melodies with black metal)
Summoning (Atmospheric Black Metal Band - has louder keyboards than guitars and blends in
mideival music)
Melechesh (Oriental Black Metal Band - Crossbreeds Black Metal with Middle Eastern Music)

I've always wondered what It sounded like if you crossbreed the three into one sound. If you mixed the three, what would it sound like? I always wondered that... So I put myself up to the challenge of mixing Oriental Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal.

I always wrote Oriental Melodies well. Don't ask why. I am not perfect at it and I am quite inexperienced at doing it at a Melechesh Level but melodies Unleashing Vengeance had had a very strong oriental element to them at times so, I wondered if I could do it again...

Crossbreeding in Summoning styled melodies and instrumentation and production with oriental Black Metal is one hell of a challenge. The two just don't mix well.. Getting them to mix was hard. I got insanely lucky. Since I have actually wrote Atmospheric Black Metal before, I thought mixing the two would be something I could do. Poof. 30 minutes later I had written 5 songs.

Songs 1 and 4 have no oriental elements and are normal Atmospheric Black Metal Songs.  However, tracks 2,3 and 5 are a completely different animal, being much more of a mix of Oriental Black metal with Atmospheric Black Metal, complete with Drum Beats, melodies (which are not the best oriental melodies done but they have that vibe) and also have Atmospheric sounds to  them such as the production atmospheric black metal needs (louder keyboards than guitars, echoey production on keyboards, etc) plus medieval elements (Trumpets and stuff)... It's a weird mix but it works...

But mixing the two wasn't enough. I thought later on once I  had perfected the tracks to see if I could add in Sognametal elements into it. I've tried to mix 2 out of 3 of these styles  before, but 3 into one sound? I've never done that at all, and I wondered if I could crossbreed Sognametal melodies and Oriental Melodies to make some weird hybrid. I also thought, sognametal and Atmospheric sound great  together, why not mix all 3! SO I worked on re-writing the songs in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

I added in sognametal style melodies that were based off of Windir's melodies but altered heavily, such as downtuned, timing changes, etc... I played them with these changes on several instruments including keyboards and guitars for tracks 1 and 4. For tracks 2 and 3 I decided I needed to try to mix them with Oriental Melodies. That mix is.... Weird Sounding! I did it well though...

Phase 2:

I decided the sound of the music wasn't Oriental Enough. So I added in Sitar for tracks 2,3 and 5 plus tribal drumming (like on certain Melechesh Songs) for track 5. Now It sounds really odd, but neat...

Can you say Atmospheric Oriental Sognametal? I Can!

In all seriousness, I think I may have made the absolute craziest, weirdest, yet best sounding black metal album I have ever done. It sounds like NOTHING out  there, in any way, yet sounds cool. I decided that this would be the  next Unscrupulous vomit cd (which was going to be about the Dunwich Horror by HP Lovecraft) and the last with  this style. That's right, I don't think I can crossbreed these things this well a second or third time. They just don't work well together normally and the mix is so volatile that it doesn't really flow well, so I don't think I'll be doing this band any further... Fans of Unscrupulous Vomit  will be like "WTF! Melechesh Influences in this! WTH!" but whatever. It had to be done once...

Update : Here we go, the album has been recorded since this post was first made, and the vocals came out great! I did choirs for this cd and they are epic, but don't expect them to sound as good as Summoning's Choirs... I used a multivoice chorus to add multiple voices to the sound when I only sang 1 in the first place.... It's kind of crappy sounding because that effect adds a LOT of noise into the sound and I had to lowe the volume a lot to compensate for that... Anyway, here is a link to the new cd on noisetrade!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Unscrupulous Vomit records a second cd "Innsmouth!"

Unscrupulous Vomit news here people. I ended up recording a new cd starting yesterday morning... This new one would end up being a "Shadow over Innsmouth" Concept album, based on that story by HP Lovecraft.   I think the music I wrote for it was amazing. I wasn't in the best of moods when writing this (and being in the best of moods helps), but I still pulled it off, and wrote some scary sounding black metal.

The new cd, Entitled "Innsmouth" is very similar to the last Unscrupulous Vomit cd... This one however has some slight differences. Number 1, it's even more evil sounding than the first Unscrupulous Vomit Cd.... That's amazing, in itself. A TON of delayed harmonies and creepy keyboard sections being thrown in...  The music itself under the keyboards (the guitars and stuff) are a bit heavier this time... More thrashy styled riffs... Still have tons of black metal chords but the usage of them has changed, to be more like Later Rancid Abomination and less like the first UV cd...

There is a bit more experimentation on this new cd as well..  The drums are a little bit more varied, and one song has some very weird riffs... There is also a lot more of an epic vibe going on, especially in the last 2 songs. The vocal performance I did on this cd, was, frankly amazing...  I did it last night around 12:30 AM....  I did a very sick sounding growl last night, and it shows... One track I kind of messed up the verses (track 2) but besides that everything else came out fine.

The cd really is dark and evil in every way. Only track 2 is a little bit happier sounding. All the others sound evil as hell. That mood is good. It needs to be sounding like that to really capture the mood of "The Shadow over Innsmouth".  The cd was released online last night here is a copy of it for people to download...

This very well may be the last Unscrupulous Vomit CD people. I don't know If I can do another. I will try to do one in late December 2017, around Dec 27 or 28. But I may not be able to do that, so, this could be the last cd I ever do... I don't plan to do more for a while at least. I will let you know if I can do more later on in a blog post done around DEC 20 or so.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fucking stupid site now calling Rancid Abomination Jpop... Rancid Abomination =/= JPOP!

While searching for Rancid Abomination's name on Google, I came across this stupid search result:

It pisses me off, because Rancid Abomination is anything but Jpop, it's fucking thrashy black metal with dark melodies over it... Some stupid idiot is trying to say my bands are J-pop and keeps adding them to this stupid site.  First Unleashing Vengeance (which is Thrash/Black Metal with some Oriental elements) was added to this site, then Rancid Abomination (which is thrashy melodic black metal) was added too which is fucking retarded.

This is a slap in the face. Anyone trying to call my bands Jpop, has not actually listened to them have they? If they did, they would realize their mistake... It's an insult. They are comparing my music to Babymetal, which is retarded... Below I will rip that accusation to shreds..

Crappy metal with shitty vocals and POP MUSIC ELEMENTS THROWN IN! AKA Poppy keyboards up the wazoo...

Does this stuff have poppy keyboards in it? NO!, does it have any elements of POP MUSIC?


                                                          Rancid Abomination song:

Unleashing Vengeance Song:

It's retarded... It's fucking retarded. I have a few suspects for this that come to mind, I think some stupid 4chan/gaming community trolls are responsible for this but don't know for sure. All I know is that I didn't see Rancid Abomination on till after the trolls from 4chan disliked Rancid Abomination's music on youtube.... Don't know if it's them but it could be. It's fucking stupid if this is the case, but I have no real knowledge to prove this, I don't know how works, do they chose what bands are jpop, or do they allow users to add bands, if the later is the case, then some stupid troll from 4chan may have been doing this...

I will update you with more info. Either way, Rancid Abomination (which is now disbanded thanks to the final project by me : Unscrupulous vomit), is not getting any help thanks to stupidity like this. In no way shape or form does Rancid Abomination sound like fucking Babymetal! Nor does unleashing vengeance, so why do stupid websites like keep adding my bands to them without listening to a full album to see that neither are shitty jpop bands?

Rancid Abomination video gets dislike-trolled by asswipes from a gaming community, possibly..

Rancid Abomination (My old black metal band I disbanded earlier this year) went through some stupidity on youtube and 4chan recently.  I decided to check my youtube channel that I host it's music (and all my other bands music) on last night, for stupid trolls disliking videos. As of late there has been trolls all over my youtube channels, all disliking them like crazy.  Well it seems an old group of trolls who cannot shut the fuck up have come back to the channel...

A long time ago I did a very controversial video on another channel talking about me getting harassed by people in a gaming community. It got disliked, heavily, by complete trolls, after someone linked to it on 4chan.  It pissed me off. Two dislikes and one was from USA, one was from England.  I never figured out who did these dislikes, and shut down the channel and relocated (most of) the content of this channel to a new one.... (Minus the video in question).

Later on I find links on my old gaming channel (which isn't around anymore due to trolls disliking it), linking of videos on  a gaming site related to the video above.  And all of the sudden, tons of people start disliking my content there, including unleashing vengeance music I posted there.  The Person who had disliked multiple unleashing vengeance videos, was from england.  I soon shut down this channel and moved all my music related stuff to the new channel which is currently still being updated...

So throughout 2 years or so, this stupid english troll has not come back to the new channel I had hosted my music on.... Until now. I looked at a video and somehow it had gotten way more views than it should in 1 month, and 2 dislikes.  So I check the traffic sources and lo and behold, is one of them... I verify that some idiot there linked to the video and they did, using analytics.  I also verified that the video in question got dislikes from USA and England, AGAIN!

Whoever these trolls are they piss me off.. So I did some digging. Unfortunately, the person who trashed Unleashing Vengeance's music on my old gaming channel, I could not find info on him. The traffic source from england, youtube refused to give me where this person was from.  They did however, give me the states that the US dislike came from... And here is that info:

So some stupid people from Florida/or/Alabama are behind this trolling attempt. Fuck them!

They piss me off so much it's not funny. I don't have a clue who these idiots are, but they are going down. I am trying to get as much info on these trolls as possible.. Youtube is useless in this. They give you ABSOLUTELY ZERO info on dislikers minus their country. You can find a state through triangulating traffic sources that linked through a video if you get lucky. Youtube needs to give out more info such as their IP address, their youtube accounts and things like that, for me to be satisfied...

The video was for a song written on a concept album about a specific video games story. That same game happened to be the one that had a site that linked to my old gaming channel. How they found my new channel is beyond me. There is no reference to the game at all on this channel minus in the content of one video which wasn't linked anywhere. In an emergency attempt to get them to leave my channel alone, I renamed the name of it. I also deleted the video in question.  I had to do something to protect the channel. However, if it doesn't work and the channel gets heavily disliked by idiots like this and there is a link to 4chan again I may have to take the channel down. That would suck...  But these trolls can't be allowed to have free reign over an independent music channel.

Someone in alabama/Florida is a stupid idiot and youtube won't help me expose them, it pisses me off...  The video that got disliked, it wasn't like it was a bad video. The song was kind of OK, but showed off footage of me playing a video game it's based off of, and during that footage I died a couple of times.. I think that's what lead to the dislikes, cementing the fact that the community surrounding this game is to blame, thanks to their 4chan presence.  FUCK THEM!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Behold my first attempt at "Lovecraftian Black Metal!", Unscrupulous Vomit!

Well I have good and bad news people.. First the bad news.... Rancid Abomination is dead. It won't come back ever... I didn't feel like continuing with it. It's a long story. That is for some other time, maybe in another blog post. But what I did do is fix my software that broke while recording the new Homicidal Hammerfist. And with that I could actually do my most anticipated project of the whole year.... Behold "Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn"!!!!!!

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn" is the debut album for my NEW Black Metal Project entitled "Unscrupulous Vomit"....  The album title comes from the story "The Call of Cthulhu" and is a phrase the cultists of Cthulhu say in the story itself. Rough  translation of it to english is "In his house at R'yleh, Dead Cthulhu lies dreaming"... As you can see Unscrupulous vomit is Cthulhu Mythos inspired.. In fact it's the first band to ever do what I call "Atmospheric Lovecraftian Black Metal"...

I recorded the first cd for this project in a 2 night span, last night and the night before. I started on the night before, recording an intro and an outro, which are both terrifying in nature... It involves me growling the title of the album (that crazy phrase "Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn") in an evil voice over and over again... It gets more chorused as I go and eventually I recorded a scream that I lowered in pitch to emulate the voice of Cthulhu Himself, at the end of the intro. I took the intro and reversed it and made it an outro for the end of the cd, track 8. That also turned out toe be scary as hell...

Last night I recorded the vocals for the album for the 5 songs that have vocals. They all have a really scary, evil quality to them. The sound is atmospheric black metal, with quiet rhythm guitars mixed low in the mix, with loud reverberated lead guitars and keyboards mixed high in the mix. It sounds epic and scary. Add evil sounding melodies all over the place and amazing keyboard work and you have what I think is the scariest black metal album.... EVER!

The album came out amazing, I've listened to it a lot since I recorded it. I cannot believe just how scary it sounds. It's quite eerie sounding.  I think it's the best black metal album I've ever done... Check it out below:

Download Link: