Sunday, June 25, 2017

Loudwire is a complete joke, they refuse to recognize Windir as the awesome band they were.

Ok... So I saw some best band per country thing on being advertised on facebook. Full of crap it was... Tons of horribly overrated bands being put there for popularity reasons and underrated bands that completely annihilate them being left off the list. It was so pathetically bad that it pissed me off...

Sweden : Opeth
(Should have been Persuader - Sounds way better and Way Heavier than Opeth. Groovy Brutal Power Metal FFS!)
USA : Metallica
(Anything but metallica, come on! I would rather have Unleashing Vengeance, My Old Band here than metallica! (Even Though Unleashing vengeance really isn't that good...))
Australia : Some stupid crappy band
(Should have been Harlott - wtf are they thinking...)
Finland : Who cares what they chose
(If they didn't chose Wintersun they have no credibility)
Austria : Belphegor! (WTF!)

But that doesn't piss me off as much as the complete lack of any sogndal (norway) bands being listed there or anywhere else on their site or any video done by them... These bands are far better than normal norweigan black metal and need to be recognized as how amazing they really are.
No Vreid?... Co'mmon!
No Mistur? Stupid.
No Cor Scorpii? WTF!
No Windir? Fuck you!
I mean these 4 black metal bands collectively shit all over most other black metal bands you can name with Vreids rock n roll riffs, Mistur's Epic Atmosphere, Cor Scorpii's Classical inspired riffs and instrumentation and Windir's fucking sick dark folk melodies, amazing clean vocals, sick guitar solos, and haunting keyboards... Valfar was a fucking Genius! Yet they don't want to mention ANY of these bands ONCE! You put any black metal band FROM THE WORLD against any of these bands and They have a hard time competing at best and get annihilated at worst.

Emporer? Can't beat Windir
Burzum? WTF! Guy is a fucking nazi fuck off... WINDIR >>>>>>>>>>>>>> BURZUM
Mayhem? Windir kills them
Dimmu? A joke. Any of the Sogndal bands eats them alive.
Old Mans Child? Close but still no Windir. Can't beat Cor Scorpii either.
Darkthrone? Windir kills them. Cor Scorpii Also
Satyricon? No Windir, NEXT!
Sarcofago? No Windir
Watain? WTF! It's a joke, no Windir,. These guys made their stupid 10 best black metal bands list but Windir Didn't?  Watain Can't beat Cor Scorpii, OR Vreid either.
Rancid Abomination? No can't beat them either. Comes really close admittedly but.... Yeah.
(And that's MY BAND we're talking about)

There is only THREE black metal bands that are anywhere near WINDIR. The First is Summoning (EPIC Mideival folk influenced black Metal? That's original! AND KICKASS!).. The Second (SURPRISE!) Aren't even from Norway, or even Europe either. (And no they aren't American).... That's Melechesh. Really good band and it's good they got recognized because (IHMO) They have the atmosphere to pull of a really good sound. And it's catchy... Which is a plus.  Where are they from. Israel. Yeah... Israel. Third one is.... BATHORY... Who obviously invented black metal! So they should be ahead, right? Every other black metal band out there sucks compared to Windir and the other 4. These 3 are really good, good enough to be equals... But no others come close.

Windir may be the best sounding black metal band ever. Yet the stupid turds at Loudwire, don't want to give them recognition.... Even their damn stupid "11 AMAZING bands that speak in foreign languages" refuse to mention Windir (Who Speak in Sogndal in 90% of their songs) (but they did mention the faggotry infested crap band Arkona, fuck you!). Fucking Band founder Valfar is dead and has been Dead for over 12 years and No Mention of them at all... Fucking stupid....

If you are a windir Fan go here and piss off some stupid idiots on the comments section:
(It's a stupid list that mentions musicians who died before releasing their masterpeice... NO Mention of Valfar there either, OR chuck from Death, for that matter)