Friday, June 30, 2017

Unleashing Vengeance is back together, new album being worked on!

Well I have good news for you guys... Unleashing vengeance may have been broken up... But no more! We are now back together.  After hearing some of our old stuff, I decided to reform Unleashing Vengeance.

It wasn't an easy decision. But I think it was a good one. It has always been my most popular band till recently. It's doing well online and people even liked my videos on youtube talking about the reunion of this band.

The reunion will feature a new album. Entitled "slaughter the innocent", it is a return to form for unleashing vengeance. We recorded the music for it already over a 5 day period.  It has 6 tracks with vocals, 3 without, and overall sounds like a later period unleashing vengeance cd (aka : really technical, thrashy, folk influenced metal).

Track 1 is a slow brooding type song that reflects the mood I have been in lately. It's not a good mood to be in but bad things may be happening in my life very soon if things don't go my way.  This is the first UV cd to not have a fast thrashy opener.

Track 2 is a lot faster and heavier. It also has a lot more complex drumming... American folk melodies are thrown in here during the chorus on accoustic.  This song is about crappy entertainment on TV, not going to say what tv station yet...

Track 3 is a pure thrash song. It is quite heavy and somewhat complex although it's nothing like track 2 in that department. It's about me getting trolled by idiots in the gaming community surrounding a certain FPS game 2 years ago.

Track 4 is a slow, yet super complex technical thrash song with an interesting melody... It has more american folk melodies thrown in in the chorus. This one is a big political statement. Until the cd is out I don't want to reveal what it is  about.

Track 5 is a folk music instrumental.

Track 6 is the first song on the album that blends several different kinds of folk music into metal. It sounds very experimental yet thrashy at the same time. One of the heaviest songs on the cd, but not really complex for a song. This one is about the legendary doom addon hell revealed. This song is going to have black metal vocals, for to fit the theme well it had to be black metal.

Track 7 and 8 are folk instrumentals.

Track 9 is a melodic thrash song with some very technical drum beats and riffs... It has complex melodies as well and has some folk melodies at the end that are non European/American. This one is about how loudwire is stupid and they refuse to mention great music when they do their youtube lists, like Windir, Persuader and Summoning.

Track 10 is going to be an unreleased Windir Cover. I won't include this on the internet do to copyright issues... Song to cover : "The Spiritlord". 

Overall I like the way the cd came out. It is a little bit less complex than old unleashing vengeance. But it's close to older stuff melody and riff wise at least... There are fast songs, slow songs and medium speed ones. It's varied enough for my taste. The drumming is a little bit different this time as well, more focused on prog metal drum beats than jazzy ones like old UV stuff.