Saturday, April 8, 2017

365 radio network and how they REFUSE to support GOOD METAL!

3 Years ago I submitted Unleashing Vengeance to 365 radio network.. They claim to support indie music, so I gave it a shot. Back then Unleashing Vengeance was on lots of crappy sites, soundcloud plays were dropping (this was before I learned about noisetrade and Jamendo) and UV was as underground as you can get. I hoped 365 radio network would listen and play our stuff. Well 5 days after I submitted UV to them, I got no response back. They didn't care.

They over-advertise the fact that they support indie metal. Well, they don't. Because they left Unleashing Vengeance off their rotation. It was stupid.  Ok... So Maybe Unleashing Vengeance isn't the best metal band ever, but it was good, right? Well... They seem to not want to submit any other of my bands either.

Recently, I was in the same situation with Dismembered September and Rancid Abomination, BOTH were failing, Miserably on soundcloud. Only 1 was doing good on Noisetrade.  So I submitted Rancid Abomination and Dismembered September to 365 radio network hoping it would help. So it's been 3 days so far since my submission.... Guess what. They haven't gotten back to me! This is infuriating.

Not that it matters much now since both bands are kicking ass on Jamendo but... They are both amazing bands... Both classics in the #newenglandstyle black metal movement from Massachusetts. Both are a very unique strain of black metal that is only found here among my bands. No one else is doing this style but me and my friends. We deserve to be showcased but no...

What's really infuriating is that, even though Dismembered September is not as good of a band, both bands are outstanding. Dismembered September used to be blackened thrash with the #newenglandstyle melodies over the thrashy riffs. But that is nothing compared to Rancid Abomination, which is maybe the most underrated black metal band out there. Rancid Abomination INVENTED #newenglandstyle melodies (where a note becomes a harmony and another note is played later and forms a harmony after that - all the lead guitars use this style).  There were no other bands before RA doing this style. I've listened to TONS of black metal and haven't heard it once. The closest you get is Cor Scorpii from Norway, but they aren't doing the same exact thing so they really aren't #newenglandstyle at all... So 365radionetwork says they will support indie metal but Ditched Rancid Abomination?! WTF!

Advice to metalheads. NEVER submit your music to internet radio. Go to and upload it there instead. You will get way more exposure with that site than you will with crappy internet radio that refuses to play Rancid Abomination like 365radionetwork!