Friday, April 7, 2017

(C)Rapgate II: How Atom Collector Records Almost ruined my bands presence online

By now you are very familiar with (C)Rapgate.  But if you aren't you will see what I am talking about now... In december 2016 I was marketing my black metal band, Rancid Abomination, during it's reunion after 10 years of inactivity. I used the hashtag #unsignedartist because it was a solo artist. What happened, is some stupid rap fans all assumed RA was Rap! So they put it on a Rap List on twitter. I got tons of rap fans/promoters/DJ's/other stupid idiots liking all my tweets assuming RA (The most Black Metal of any black Metal Band!) Was Rap... This lead me to shut down my twitter for a while and only 1 month later did I recover from this and make another twitter page, but that one now only has 35 followers when the old one had 75 or so. See how idiot rap fans ruin a metal bands career?

Well that is really important to realize because they tried to do it AGAIN, this time to my current Black Metal Project Dismembered September, which was getting pitifully low plays on soundcloud. So I, in Desperation tried something advertised to me on soundcloud, Atom Collector Records. The premise was interesting but it failed miserably.

The premise is that you sign your band up to a site and get 10 "credits". You use them to place your song on rotation on a rotation for a specific genre. For me it was "Rock, Blues, Metal, Indie and Punk" because I was doing Black Metal.  I will get into why these genre BS is bad, but what is really bad is every time your song gets played you lose a credit and once you run out your song gets DISABLED, aka it cannot get more plays, whatosever.

So I tried it.

I got 1-2 plays per song. Great. This free "promotion" sucked ass. So I decided maybe I was doing it wrong. I learned that there was another way to use it. All I had to do was post their playlists. So I did that, I actually Posted playlists filled with 99% Junk music to get my bands noticed. Well it worked kind of. They reposted my music on their soundcloud page but guess what, It lead to A) NO Likes from any metalheads, B) Very few Plays and C) Stupid (C)Rappers liking it thinking it was Dumbass Afro (African American Fronted) Metal (Think Sevendust and shit like that) because I called it Black Metal. Either way it was crapgate all over again. It forced me to delete 4 soundcloud accounts filled with hundereds of followers, 100+ songs in total and worse, in fear of stupid Rappers liking my music more than they were doing so on soundcloud already.

So basically, DONT use Atom Collector Records if you are doing Metal on Soundcloud! you will NOT get exposure. All you will get is a bunch of (C)Raptards liking it. Because that's what was all over Atom Collector Record's Website, Rap, and other kinds of SHIT music like Trap, Electrotrap, Dubstep and worse. Those bands and artists were getting 1000's of plays, meanwhile bands like mine that were doing:

A) Unique melodic black metal with Folk Metal and power metal elements
B) Experimental Thrash with various kinds of  Folk Melodies and industrial elements
C) Blackened Death Metal with Prog, Doom and the Same folk melodies.
D) Blackened Power metal with no vocals...

Were getting PITIFUL plays (1 to 2 per hour) is what I got for doing that.
Meanwhile, On I have gotten at least 60 plays per day and for the first band
I have gotten 263 plays per day! That is at least 10 times as much as before....

So in other Words...

DONT use Atom Collector Records. THEY SUCK!