Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dismembered September Gets Back together to record First Album for it in 2017

Dismembered September formed last year to write brutally fast blackened thrash metal with black/thrash hybrid vocals. The first 2 cd's had tons of production issues and came out bad. By the third cd (filled with unleashing vengeance 2002 era covers), those were fixed. Then Rancid Abomination came back and DS was shelved... But not anymore, for the band members (Me and KS) got back together to restart Dismemebered september this month.

We just recorded the first real cd by the band "The Metaphoric Abomination". It came out great. 8 Awesome brutal blackened thrash metal songs, some being more thrash (the first 4) and some being more black metal (the last 4). It was a smashing success, with great vocals recorded for it by me. I loved  the way I screamed and growled into the mic... It was amazing.

So I am proud to announce that the new cd was uploaded to noisetrade 15 minutes ago, and you can download it below!