Friday, March 17, 2017

Metal bands that have music that complements Certain Video Games Well....

As a fan of metal, and video games, I like to mix both. So I started listening to metal at the same time as playing a video game a long time ago. Until recently, the choice of what I listened to didn't matter much.. Not so much now.  Now I have found metal bands that fit the theme of the game very close and I chose to play said video game with said band... It all started when I experimented with playing Doom with my black metal band Rancid Abomination. Then I heard about how my new favorite metal band windir was being listened to while people played skyrim... So I wanted to find metal bands that fit the  theme of games very closely, specifically black metal and folk metal bands of various types..

I tried playing Serious Sam while listening to the band Nile. Since Serious Sam takes place in Egypt, and Nile bases their music partly on Egyptian music, the combination I thought would be good. But I severely understimated how cool Nile sounded with sam. The sound of it really complemented the game well... Nile's really dark egyptian melodies made me fear the alien enemies of Serious Sam more than I normally ever would. I've never been so terrified of a game than when I listened to nile a the same time. That was for serious sam : first encounter only. I later on tried another experiment, trying to play the Persian levels in Serious Sam : Second Encounter with the Israeli metal band Melechesh.  That was even more incredible sounding, especially when I was walking around the tower of babel and "doorways to Irkala" was playing. Melechesh blends middle eastern music into their style of metal and they do it incredibly well. It fit the theme of the levels I was playing perfectly... I also tried playing the band summoning, who mix middle ages music into black metal, with  the game Hexen. That was also incredible... The music fit the theme of hexen (a mideival fantasy FPS) perfectly.

So here is a list of metal bands that fit the theme of certain games perfectly.

Game:          Band to listen to while playing game:           reason why:
Wolf3d-         Vreid - Milorg                                               Milorg is a WW2 concept album and
                                                                                             it's music fits ww2 games perfectly.

Doom-           Rancid Abomination - Eternal Hate
and pestilence                                                                    Rancid Abomination is an evil black metal
                                                                                           band I was part of, it fits doom well


Doom 2 (Hell Revealed addons and similar) -Unleashing Vengeance     Unleashing Vengeance was
                                                                                                                my old experimental yet brutal
                                                                                                                thrash band. In maps such as
                                                                                                                Hell Revealed you fight
                                                                                                                hundreds of bosses per level.
                                                                                                                UV's loud and intense brand of \                                                                                                               metal fits that perfectly...

Heretic/Hexen-     Summoning                                           Summoning uses mideival folk music
                                                                                           which is the same music heretic/hexen uses

Mass Effect-         Cor Scorpii                                            Cor Scorpii is a black metal band that
                                                                                           blends classical into their music well
                                                                                           It sounds really dreadful sounding
                                                                                           and fits mass effect well

Serious Sam : FE-    Nile                                                    Nile is inspired by egyptian mythology and
                                                                                           egyptian music

Serious Sam : SE   Chapter 1 - Xipe Totec                       Xipe Totec is a mayan themed death
                                                                                           metal band. Their music fits the
                                                                                           mayan temples well

Serious Sam : SE chapter 2 - Melechesh                          Melechesh blends middle eastern music
                                                                                          with black metal. Their style fits the
                                                                                          persian section of SE really well. Their
                                                                                          melodies are incredible sounding and so
                                                                                          are their vocals.

Dead Space-   Dismembered September - Unitology        My band Dismembered september wrote
                                                                                          a "unitology themed" black metal cd...  

Skyrim-          Windir                                                        Windir was a viking/folk metal band from
                                                                                           norway that had a very atmospheric
                                                                                           dark haunting sound. By far my favorite
                                                                                           band on this list. Too band skyrim sucks..