Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unleashing Vengeance News

My old band Unleashing Vengeance had a big issue with it.... I ended up ditching our noisetrade and soundcloud site. Why did I do this? Well... I thought the newer UV stuff sounded a little too artificial so I got rid of it... Big mistake. I relistened to it on a hunch and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought While I ditched it... So Now I have to reupload newer stuff to soundcloud and noisetrade... Which I did..

Now it's online where it should be. I only uploaded the good cd's though. I didn't upload ones to noisetrade that I remember being bad or only ok.  Same thing with soundcloud songs... I however couldn't upload all I wanted to soundcloud due to it's upload limit, but I got what I needed up there, which is good..

Unleashing Vengeance, to me is a very underrated metal band. During our career we played not normal thrash metal but EXPERIMENTAL thrash, with elements of melodic death metal, progressive , jazz and even some folk music influences in the later period stuff (2011-2014). We were something that was really special, but never got the attention we deserved. Shure we got a few likes (more than my current bands), but it never got tons. People just didn't like UV...  I don't see why... To me we sounded very unique. And we had a really badass guitar sound in 2013 and later. Like At the gate's mid frequency only amp style, only far more distorted, overdriven actually.. I liked that sound a lot and still do. It sounds really cool to hear it again for the first time in years...

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