Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dismembered September Band Founded by Me.

Welcome to my new blog. I am Z.A. I am an musician from the Boston Area. I play Metal music only. I was in several bands and solo artists. I started ages ago in 2000 in my first solo artist massacred (originally called metal massacre).  I then formed Rancid Abomination a black metal solo artist that became a band much later. The style started as dark atmospheric black metal but changed later on into melodic black metal with unique melodies that sounded like something between doom metal and black metal.  I then formed a blackened thrash band called Psychotic fury with Kirk Stabbati on Guitar. That band would die and then be reformed in 2008 and would eventually change to extreme progressive metal and change it's name to compensate for that. At that time I also had a solo artist playing progressive death metal called Caustic Euphony which also became a band.

Since the breakup of psychotic fury/unleashing vengeance and Caustic Euphony (due to many reasons), me and kirk have formed 2 other bands. We formed Homicidal Hammerfist, a blackened power metal band that only does instrumentals. That was formed in July 2016 and since then was shelved a month later after the first 6 cd's are done. It was inspired by power metal and rancid abomination alike.

But that has been shelved. So what are we working on now?

We love older unleashing vengeance, back when it was called psychotic fury. It had a really interesting dark style to it that mixed black metal and sodom like thrash metal together well.. This style would be present in 2008 and then it would go down the normal thrash metal sound and become progressive melodic thrash in 2010 and later. This melodic edge however was short lived as metalcore and industrial elements got in it in 2012.  But back in 2010 it was rawer, more evil sounding, and in 2002 it was a raw as you can get.

So after listening to 2010 era unleashing vengeance, where black metal elements were quite heavy in the sound, we decided to recreate that style in a new band, with better production. We called this band Dismembered September. This blog is for that band mostly. I do vocals. Kirk does all instruments... I also do mixing, mastering, marketing, uploading, etc...

So far it's a 2 man band... It has one EP out called "Disgorging the Rancid Flesh".

Musically, Disgorging sounds very similar to a style that you would get if you fused the fast riffs from 2012 exploding metal era unleashing vengeance with rancid abomination's melodies. Add in a vocal style which is eerily similar to my vocals in 2002 unleashing vengeance/psychotic fury and you get a monster of a cd. Then make it 2x more extreme and you get brutal brutal stuff.

It's so brutal that it surpasses anything ANY of my bands have done in the heaviness department.

Track 2 and 3 are short songs, each far less than 5 minutes long, both clocking around 2 minutes long. Each one of these is filled with blastbeats, insane riffage and super fast tempo thrashy stuff...Track 3 is the fastest song I've ever recorded. Track 2 is almost as fast. It's insane...

Track 1 and 4 are heavy but lighter than track 2 and 3. Track 5 is an epic dark prog metal instrumental.

So far all 5 songs are on our soundcloud. The album is available to download on noisetrade. So far it has done fairly well for a 1st day on soundcloud, but not great. I guess that's to be expected. I will work on marketing it for the next 4 months (this month included). 

But overall I dig this cd a lot. On my (which measures my listening habits and recommends new bands), It is number 3. I've listened to it 30 times. Which is amazing for a 5 song cd. I can't stop listening to it. Production wise it's a bit off (there are distortions in the vocals and chorused guitar effects. Both of these are problems with my soundcard recording vocals AND what's being played at the same time (music) in the same track. No way to get rid of this without using a better mixing software (which we can't afford, the band is a hobby band only). I still think it came out OK production wise. Shits all over later period unleashing vengeance and 2010/2002 stuff quite nicely...

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