Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dismembered September update

Z.A. here...

Dismembered September has gotten a little better off once it got on  the net. I made a youtube site, a facebook page, a twitter page and a page for it too... So far we have gotten no twitter followers, but we have gotten a decent amount of plays on soundcloud, but nothing else has happened. It's too early to see.

It's  good the previous post got lots of views...

Now on to what I think of our first cd/ep "Disgorging the Rancid Flesh":

I like it a lot.

Production wise it could be a lot better, but still it's not too badly produced. Vocals are a lot worse than previous psychotic fury/unleashing vengeance material. Guitars sound way better though. The chorussed effects and the distorted vocals are problems caused by my soundcard and microphone, respectively.

Track 1 "Stupid Black Dog" is a good fast opener. It has interesting, almost power metal melodies thrown in, but played in a tremelo style. This song is more blackened melodeth than blackened thrash. But the rest is way more in your face.

Track 2 "All insects must die" is way harder. The melodies are a lot more extreme sounding and there are faster blastbeats...  It's brutal! But not as brutal as track 3. Short song, Only 2:39 long

Track 3 "Putrid Disgust" is so brutal, that it turned out to be the most brutal track on the cd AND the most brutal song any of my bands has written. It is a short one too.. Being only 2:09 in length.
Lyrics for this were inspired by the awesome video game "Clive Barker's Undying". This is my favorite song on the cd.

Track 4 "Unleashed upon the world" is a lot slower than track 3 and much longer. But it's good. The verses and chorusses are brutal as track 2 but there is a lengthy intro and slow break with some accoustic sections thrown in, similar to earlier unleashing vengeance from 2009 or so. Good song but my least favorite on the cd due to the abysmal vocal production.

Track 5  "Call of the Brethren Moons" is a long dark instrumental which is more prog metal based than blackened thrash.  It's based on the hideously sickeningly disgusting survival horror series Dead Space, thematically. Originally it had lyrics but they came out so bad I made it an instrumental. Great song and a great ending.

According to I have listened to this cd 50+ times in 2 days. Holy Shit!

The next one will be recorded 2 weeks from now. Don't have any other info on it than that...