Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Rancid Abomination Released! First in 10 years!

It's been over 10 years since rancid abomination relesed a cd. Back in january 2006, RA released it's 2nd to last cd (the band has always been a 1 man band). Since then it has been inactive and has not recorded a single cd.

Until now..

Behold "Into Hell's Anus"!

Today, I was home alone from 5 PM to 7 PM. I get that because on sunday my parents go out to eat. This time they went out to eat at somewhere close due to another reason (not going to say what), so I had less than 45 minutes to record the album. Lucky the album was 37 minutes worth of tracks with vocals. I had recorded 7 tracks with vocals this time (plus 3 instrumentals to add up to a total of 10 songs)...   I got away with it this time (sometimes I don't!) and because of that the new cd is done...

There were several moments where I got nervous due to them catching me in the act. One song in particular was 10 minutes long. I got nervous once because I swore I heard them talking outside (when they were not there it turned out). I thought I would be done for. But That never happened. The new cd got recorded, and mixed later on.

The cd is very, very different from the older stuff recorded from 2001-2006. It's vocal style is very harsh and hideous sounding. Not quite black metal and not quite thrash. Somewhere inbetween.  The music is close to stuff from eternal hate and pestilence but has some homicidal hammerfist touches (keyboards) and unleashing vengeance touches (fast riffs like in UV's later stuff).  It sounds more like Dismembered September than classic Rancid Abomination, but still sounds good. The vocals, for the most part, are excellent (minus 1 song).

You have to expect changes after more than 10 years absence of RA material. It came out good, but it really isn't like older RA stuff at all. More of it's own style that is unique. I like the way it came out but one of the best songs got a bad vocal performance. I thought that song had the best music and it am slightly dissapointed torwards it...

More info when it comes... As for the cd... You can listen to it here: