Monday, September 12, 2016

Rancid Abomination! The best damn black metal band ever! Go #NewEnglandStyle

From 2001-2006 I was the sole member of a black metal one man band named Rancid Abomination. It was a HEAVY dark black metal band...  It started out as an atmospheric black metal band with heavy thrash elements thrown in in 2001.  In fact the first album was death metal. But it shifted to black metal within 2 cd's...

Back in 2001 it was so horribly bad lyrically that it got several people on pissed at me. It was stupid. It got not much better a few years later, lyrically, but musically it started changing after a certain incident. A fucking idiot musical critic named Susan Ramson trashed it and that pissed me off. So I ended up ditching the internet for releasing new cd's, I didn't want stupid critics bashing it, so I just ended up keeping 90% what I did for the band to myself from 2003-2006.

During that period, it started to evolve into something unique though. It got REALLY good... REALLY good.. It changed styles suddenly, right after the Susan Ramson BS.  Going away from atmospheric black metal it suddenly became something way heavier... Super Thrashy black metal!

It started to do melodies found in no other band. Unique melodies of a certain style that are made when you play one note and then play another note without stopping playing the first note. A lot of it's melodies were constructed this way. It kept changing the pitch of the second note too. Sometimes it would be 3 steps higher, other times 4 steps higher, sometimes those steps lower too... It was very varied, and keyboards and  guitars both did this regularly.  These delayed harmonies became a big thing in it... It had developed it's own style. The style that I like to call #NewEnglandStyle 

Rancid Abomination started something unique. It changed styles a lot but was almost always thrashy black metal with delayed harmonies. Many of it's cd's did this. Later on it would develop more of a melodic death metal twinge, inspired by amon amarth. This was how it ended, as a melodeth band...

Since Rancid Abominations unforunate demise in 2006, all my other bands have taken big influences from it's melodies. Caustic Euphony formed from it's ashes and for a while was nothing more than thrashy death metal. Then in 2007 it developed a very black metal influenced death metal style that included delayed harmonies. My second band Unleashing Vengeance, started as a blackened thrash band in 2002. It did delayed harmonies as well for a long time. But rancid abomination was the pioneer of that style... Not unleashing vengeance... Eventually unleashing vengeance and caustic euphony would both go onto to do totally different styles not influenced by Rancid Abomination..

New England Style Black Metal is way cooler than any other black metal band out there... Currently there are 3 New England Style Black Metal bands around. Rancid Abomination (which has a limited presence online now), Dismembered September, and Homicidal Hammerfist (not a black metal band
 per say, but it has black metal elements)...  Both of those last 2 bands are Rancid Abomination Inspired.  Currently I am at work on Dismembered September. We have 2 cd's out... The sound is a lot like Rancid Abomination, only less evil and better produced.