Friday, December 2, 2016

New Rancid Abomination CD "The Devouring" being worked on...

Today, I was looking through tracks I had written in 2003-2004 to see if I could write an album with them, one final album to finish off Rancid Abomination's sick Black Metal Career. I found tracks for 5 songs and decided I was going to use them to write one final album. Several hours later, the work on "the devouring" had been done.

The Devouring consists of guitar, drum and bass tracks put through a remixing process and lead guitar and keyboard tracks added into to make them more hideous sounding. The Guitars on the new album were 90% done in 2003-2004, and the drums are all from that period. 90% of the keyboards, minus one track, are new however, and the lead guitars were tracked with my PC yesterday and today.

The Result is the most sinister sounding RA cd ever. By far.

Number 1, the evil emanated from this cd's music is insane. It even dwarfs Eternal Hate and Pestilence.  It sounds a LOT more sinister. Most of that comes from the keyboard and lead guitar tracks added on, the original music was NOT this way minus 1 track.  The result is quite good. Sick black metal here. Which brings me to the lyrical theme of this album... Which is insanely evil.

I am writing, what best can be described as, a black metal anti-rap themed cd. The lyrics are HIDEOUS on this one. I felt like I needed to do this after trolls from the Rap Community pissed me off by listing our band as HIPHOP without checking first and assuming our music was rap when they liked it over and over again. They sent tons of (C)RAP promoters our way that were completely unwanted. It pissed me off. So I intend to get my vengeance... MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EVUL! BLACK FUCKING METAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (C)RAP!

THIS is what will mark the end of Rancid Abomination's unfortunately unpopular career... It might be the meanest damn cd ever but it is the last. And I don't intend to do more. I could but I don't want to... Pushing the boundaries in taste is something I don't really want to do too much so Lets just end it here with a funny bang... Hehe.... Anti-(C)Rap black metal = funny!