Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rancid Abomination releases 1 new CD and 2 new EP's on noisetrade

Despite the troubles on twitter, I still managed to release some new material for Rancid Abomination (My Black Metal Band) on noisetrade. That's really good news considering all the issues I've been getting on twitter, so lets go into it. The new cd "the exploding death of christmas" was released 2 days ago. It came out great... Lots of excellent tracks... I took last sunday off to record 5 new bonus tracks... 3 of those 5 were demos, songs that I had backed up tracks from 2003-2004 to remix and re-record vocals for. There were tons of these tracks but only a few made it because only a few had lyrics associated with them and the rest had them in text files which all died in hard drive failures.

The 5 new bonus tracks were boosted by instrumental only remakes of two other songs I loved that I needed to do. These were also based on old tracks, but these lacked lyrics. So I remade them as instrumentals.

Last night was another recording session for me. Since it was not a sunday, I couldn't get away with doing my normal vocal style for the band (harsh blackened growling) so I relied on the old ra vocal style from 2003-2006 that was more quiet and whisper-y.  These turned out very quiet and hard to hear but still fit the music for the EP fine. The EP was recorded and the first track was a sequel to a long lost but highly enjoyable track I recorded in 2005 called harbinger. This song was inspired by the EBAY haunted painting story and was very eerie sounding. The new one was even more eerie with the creepy quiet vocals...  It came out great. I renamed it "harbinger of fate" because harbinger was it's prequel and that is gone thanks to me accidentally deleting it in 2006.

So now we have the full cd, an EP of the bonus tracks from that cd and the EP recorded last night on noisetrade for metal fans, especially black metal fans to enjoy. The 2 new EP's are a lot more Black metal oriented than the album. The album is more like blackened melodeth.  I also recorded a cover of the brilliant song "Todeswalzer" by Windir. Windir was a FANTASTIC black metal band that I happen to love listening to. They had a very dark, hopeless sound to them with really creepy, haunting keyboards and amazing melodies that were amazing sounding on top of that. They are my second favorite band to listen to now besides my own stuff so I felt that it needed to be done. That cover will not be released (due to royalty concerns - we are broke now...). But it was my way to do a tribute to Valfar (Windir's founder - used to be a one man band just like Us - He died tragically in 2004), since it was His music that inspired me to get back into black metal and my stuff later, which I ditched because I was a Pussy and thought it was too evil. Thanks to me listening to Windir I got into lots of other cool bands with heavy black metal elements in them such as great viking metal bands and such and without listening to them, I doubt I would have returned to Rancid Abomination in 2016.

Here is a link to the new album.
Here is a link to the EP with the bonus tracks from the above album
Here is a link to the second EP..

Sneak peak from the second EP

Sneak Peak from the First EP
Sneak peak from the Album