Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Rancid Abomination Cd "The Devouring" Finished...

I've been working hard on the 7 new tracks for the new Rancid Abomination (my black metal band) CD. New cd is called the devouring, and it has 7 songs on it. 5 out of 7 are songs with vocals on them, the other 2 are instrumentals. The music for these songs is amazing sounding for the most part, minus 1 song.

Musically, it feels like a throwback to the cd "eternal hate and pestilence" which was done in 2003, only this time with slightly better production. The melodies are so similar, it's not funny. Both cd's have dark sinister melodies done on lead guitar and keyboards. Both cd's have thrashy  riffs, but this one has more of a groove metal influence in the rhythm guitars than Eternal Hate and Pestilence.

It took me a LONG time of constant work to get it sounding good. I had to alter the mixes by adding new lead guitars to them several times and had to fix the vocals an hour ago, to add more distortion which makes it sound better, vocal wise. Still not great sounding but better than before. Before it was sounding bad...

Whether I release this album on soundcloud depends. I really don't want negative comments so I think I will only release 1,2 songs. The whole theme of the cd (anti-(C)Rap) will piss of lots of people there I think, so I may only put it on noisetrade. Either way, It will be the last RA cd ever. I don't intend to do any more besides the upcoming greatist hits I am releasing on noisetrade on December 24.

Soon I will be posting this album on noisetrade. I hope it does well.. Until the Greatist Hits album launches there I will be posting updates here telling how RA albums do.

Enjoy Metalheads. Stay EVUL... Remember to Eat, Sleep, Drink, Piss, Fart and Wank BLACK FUCKING METAL \m/

EDIT : Here is a link to it!