Friday, December 2, 2016

Rancid Abomination Music Videos

Here are home made music videos recorded for Rancid Abomination songs. They are not the best music videos you can find because:

1) They only show me (Z.A. - the bands founder)
2) They have no real special effects
3) They are home recorded..

They do however have a creepy air to them... They all have an eerie type style to them. I recorded all of them with the lights out, to make it scary. They have me doing scary facial features too as well. I look like a complete lunatic during these videos and that's the kind of effect I was going for.

They might not be the best music videos ever recorded but they are ok. They are not cheezy. They are a bit boring, that's the only negative I can find... But they do have excellent creepy effects, so they are worth watching for that, alone.

                                           The Terrible Sound of the Demonic Hordes:

The Bleeding:

Something Horrible:

Harbinger of Fate (new song):