Saturday, December 31, 2016

Stupid Fake Music Review Site bashes Great Metal Artists with tons of shitty Critical Reviews...

So I was searching for Australian metal Bands when I came across a list of Australian bands. The list was posted on a rather bad site for metal. The site is The site is a crowd review site and one that sucks. It is filled with idiots who write bad reviews by the hundreds for awesome cd's... There are tons of idiot trolls giving good metal bands cd's shitty reviews there... Underground bands such as Windir (my favorite folk/metal hybrid band), Valtari and Be'lakor (two underground Australian melodeth bands). Part of the purpose of this post is to expose these trolls as the idiots they are.  On the site there are tons of shitty reviews written by trolls for every artist. Not a single artist cd's get's any higher than a 3.7 out of 5 due to this. A perfect album gets a 3.5 due to all the shitty idiots giving it 2 and 1 star reviews. They factor into the reviews so much that nothing can get a good review there, no matter how good it is.

Checking the "reviews" Of At the Gates's Slaughter of the Soul CD. In the first 10 pages of reviews there were 13 2 and 1 star reviews alone. All were written by trolls who hate melodic death metal because they are idiots. One of The Trolls who bashed Be'lakor's awesome music (which I just got into on spotify), simply wrote a 1 star review claiming it was crappy "generic melodeath", which it isn't... It's progressive doom metal inspired melodeath. Imagine a mix of amon amarth/dark tranquillity with elements of opeth, insomnium and other bands thrown in. That's what Be'lakor sounds like. They write fantastic music and yet they score a crappy 2.5 out of 5 on the site by all the stupid melodeth haters... Someone else whined that Be'lakor wasn't progressive and also whined that the only progressive elements are piano's which isn't the case. I came across tons of time and tempo changes and softer passages as well as long song lengths and concept albums too... Fuck him. But what really pisses me off is the one idiot on the site who abuses the stupid site's ridiculously stupid rules to write shitty reviews that take apart everything about an artist to bash it for stupid reasons...

Enter "RustedIdiot".

RustedIdiot is a moron who bashed Valtari's Awesome 1 man band melodeth project by whining about it's production and said none of the songs were anything but generic melodeth. Think that is bad? Well It gets worse... Because he ripped my favorite folk/viking metal band to shreds. Yes That is Windir.

Windir wrote Blackened folk metal with very dark haunted melodies and keyboard passages. They started as a 1 man band ran by a guy from norway who called himself Valfar before he Died... They based the folk aspect of their music on melodies from Norwegian hymns. These are dark accordian based melodies that sound absolutely nothing like all the other folk music heard in folk metal (which is usually happy or cheesy in some way). These melodies sound dark and sinister.

Windir's music was so far removed from black metal AND folk Metal alike that it needs a new subgenre to represent it's awesome dark sound. The band created that subgenre "Sognametal". It's in the void between black metal and folk metal but isn't either one of those really.

That didn't stop the fucking idiot RustedIdiot for bashing Windir for the following stupid reasons:

-"Faux Aggression"

-Use of an admittedly awesome Arpeggio Riff

-Folk Melodies being used (claiming even the darker folk melodies windir used are cheezy and crappy)

-Claimed every song  sucked and every song gets worse than the previous one on the windir cd "1184" (complete BS, The Final Song is the best one, I enjoyed them all, fuck him!)

RustedIdiot is very similar to a fucking idiot on youtube named DWTerminator. He is similar in so many ways that I think they are the same person but I cannot prove it without some real evidence (which as a person without IP address info I cannot do sadly).

They both do the following things:

-Trash bands/video games (in dwterminator's case) by writing stupid overcritical reviews.

-Use a scale where every level of quality ("good", "excellent", "bad") has a lower number than it normally should, for example they both give good albums/games a 2.5. This is done to piss of people who like a certain artist by giving them a lower score than you would expect. Because 2.5 would be bad on most people's eyes.

-They both harass and call fans of the stuff they are "reviewing" idiots to piss them off. Dwterminator did this in a Skyrim review, RustedIdiot did this in a review of a Windir Cd I liked. (I forgot which one).

I looked at all the reviews RustedTurdburglar give 4 and 5 star reviews and found out he is a "true norwiegan black metal" and "brutal" death metal nut. People like this bash anything that has melodies because it's not "BR00TAL!". They fucking suck.  Good music needs melody to be good. Just because it has melody does not mean it's cheesy. This guy took the best damn sounding folk/metal mix in metal (the least cheesy of  them all!) and bashed it for being cheesy. He is a fucking turdburglar.

This is what happens when idiots who make stupid crowd-reviewed sites like allow absolutely anything and everything in a review, and don't punish reviews for stupid shit like this.

Do NOT use sites like this to judge music. I'd rather use encyclopedia metallium's reviews (with their tons of fanboys giving bands 100% reviews) and stupid bad reviews ruining albums reception over a site that allows tons of stupid critics to post reviews bashing a cd for stupid fucking reasons muddling the score so bad because 30% of the reviews are 1 star reviews by stupid "BR00TAL is best assholes".

Fuck them!